Selected Sectors of the Fenizic Economy

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Geography of Feniz

Tourism - a new economic branch with huge developement potential

The country at the coast of the Futuronian Ocean called Feniz is justly known as the country where the the sun is at home. The great number of visitors imposes on the government the serious duties to protect the environment in the best possible way and to maintain high standards of touristic infratructure for the benefit of our guests.

Tourists will find everything they may look for:
  • First class hotels and international entertainmant in the cities or
  • bed-and-breakfast in quiet villages,
  • camels for riding in the desert,
  • beaches for swimming in the sea,
  • shores for fishing in the ocean, and
  • CLUB 'NIZ, our new holiday resort chain.

There is no part of the country without its own charm, no part which is not worth visiting.

Responsible for the touristic promotion is the Tourist Office of Feniz (FENITOUR).

Air traffic - a thriving busines

The international and domestic relations by air are thriving. The international management and the grooming tourism need fast, high-capacity and long-range transportation means, the growing wealth in the inland asks for comfortable domestic air traffic.

This is the future of the national airlines of which Ich'Fleeg-Nax Feniz (FF) - for transcontinental routes - and Ich'Fleeg-In Feniz (iF) - for domestic routes - are both based at Sultan W'infri-Ed International Airport near Fenizabad while Royal Fenizic - long-range international routes - is based at Kyjovo and Air Feniz - southern Fenizic domestic and neighbourhood international routes - operates from Levts'ki.

Fenizabad - prospering heart of the Fenizic economy

View of the Old Town of Fenizabad

(from the former Phoenicia homepage courtesy of © 1999 Alberto Stolfi)

Although founded as the capital city of the country, Fenizabad (then called Phoenix Town) has been little developed under the former King Sabin. The Administration of the Sultanate is aware of this situation and invests much of the petroleum income to develop the city into an internationally competitive place.

Focal points of actual developement activities are the Sultan W'Infri-Ed International Airport, the Blackport Harbour, modern housing areas for the people streaming into the city attracted by the thriving commerce, Diplomatic quarterand last but not least the diplomatic quarter which gives home for the diplomatic missions arriving in the country.

Sultan W'Infri-Ed International Airport is currently undergoing thorough modification and improvement.

Blackport Harbour offers all facilities which can possibly be expected in an intercontinental harbour, the emphasis lying on petroleum transshipment.

Petroleum Industry - extraordinary basis of our wealth

As Feniz is drawing its wealth mainly from petroleum, the national petroleum corporation Id'S-Oylof Feniz (OF) is a unique factor of power and national fate at the same time. In order to execute an appropriate public control over this company, the share holdings are distributed among several public corporate entities such as the Sultan, the Tribes and the City of Fenizabad.

As the petroleum extraction is developing swiftly, no production figures can be given at this time. The price for crude oil has been very stable at 0.25 (20 Cruisanan Crown per Utania Barrel) per litre for the years 300-307AP. End of 307, OF decided to raise the price to 1.25 per litre (99 Cruisanan Crown per Utania Barrel), in steps of 0.25 over a period of 12 months, to catch up with the international market.

In the wake of the petroleum itself, we find petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and textile industry, producing synthetic fibres and the whole range of follow-on products, with spinning, weaving and textile mills, as well as couturiers and fashion houses which are becoming famous across Vexillium. Best known is Mr Trag'Myn-Tsoig, who is on the way of gaining a name for himself with unusual ideas in advanced fashion features.

Since the annexion of former Hochlandia with its nuclear power plants, the amount of petroleum used to date for producing electricity is free for export, too.


comprise land and sea transportation and tourism-related enterprises. For details see Chamber of Commerce Advertisments!

If you like to go into the details, look up the economic interlocks of Feniz: See to whom belongs the Sultanate.


Main domestic products:
  • fish
  • water (for drinking and irrigation purposes)
  • tea (in Sukha)
Main export products:
  • electric energy (by Sukha nuclear power plants)
  • petroleum and related products (by OF):
    • gasoline (brand: gasOFine)
    • plastic shopping bags (brand: FEBAG)
    • pharmaceutica (brand: FARMAFENIZ)
    • synthetic fibres (brand: FENILON)
    • synthetics cloths
    • ready-made clothes (brand: REMAFEN)
  • fashionable soft drink FENICOLA
  • iron, steel (by RA&O)
  • weapon systems (by RA&O)
  • domestic electric products (by RAOCISY)
  • bananas (from North Feniz)
  • apples (from Bojarka)
Main import goods:
  • coffee (from Begral; brand: CAFÉ DO BEGRAL)
  • tobacco (from Maritim Islands)
  • cotton
  • grains
  • meat (frozen, from Utania)
  • hardwoods (from Lyson)
  • gems (from Lyson)

Trade Partners

Apart from the neighbouring countries, Utania has become the prime importer of food.
See the advertisement of for more information.

In September 301, Feniz joined the Vexillium Bank (VexBank).


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