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Flags and funnel marks of the Merchant Fleet of Feniz
Flags of the Royal Navy of Feniz
Flags of all seafaring nations - from the Royal Navy Flag Book

Feniz - tour the country with the First Lady!
Part 1: Blackport Harbour

Let's suppose that you have just arrived in one of the magnificent passenger ships like this one from the HappyCruise shipping-company.

The first view when entering Blackport harbour falls on the historic lighthouse.

(Photos courtesy of the photographer, © Mark D. Higgins, from his homepage)

Then you will turn around and see Fenizabad behind the harbour.

The harbour itself is swarming with life, in the docks as well as on the shipyards.

At the piers and jetties, all types of tankers and freighters load and unload. Blackport Harbour offers all facilities which can possibly be expected in an intercontinental harbour, the emphasis lying on petroleum transshipment.

Try to discern all the different flags on the ships! Compare with the "Flags of all Seafaring Nations" table (taken from the Royal Navy Flag Book, with kind permission of the Department of Defence) and the list of the Merchant Navy shipping-company flags and funnel marks.

On the roadstead, more ships are awaiting the next morning, while the ferry of The Transfuturonian shipping-company (TT line) leaves us, only to return tomorrow with more enthusiastic visitors.

Part 2: Fenizabad


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