Feniz - tour the country
with the Erstwhile First Lady, B'Ih-Uncah!

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We start our tour at the coast of the Futuronian Ocean... Hello!
... where you meet me at my favorite passtime: making boat trips.
From here, I offer to show you the different parts and highlights of the country:
  1. The harbour where some of you may enter our country;
  2. Fenizabad, the capital;
  3. the desert where we found the well of wealth, namely...
  4. the oil;
  5. the leisure resorts which offer you virtually (!) every level of luxury you may wish;
  6. the airport, another point to enter our country,
    and at last...
  7. the South, the new emirates of Feniz.

Exploring the country by car is a special, thrilling experience!
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Thank you for accompanying me!

For a last boat trip in the evening, we return to the coast,...

... just in time to watch one of the wonderful sunsets.

Thank you for accompanying me! And please come back soon to visit my country again!


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