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Travelling to Feniz Feniz can be reached
Visa Request your visa online!

Tourist visa are valid for 3 months; they are issued at every border post.

Worker's visa are issued for foreigners working in Feniz; these visa are valid for 11 months and are issued by the Royal Fenizic Missions abroad (embassies, consulates) on presentation of a valid working contract from a Fenizic company.

Visa are not issued to foreign military personnel. For official journeys, the foreign government has to apply for a Special Military Neutrality Pass at the respective Embassy of Feniz - Military Attaché -.

Holders of Diplomatic Passes - irrespective of the issuing country or the country of destiny - do not need any visa.

List of the Diplomatic Missions of foreign states in Feniz

Customs No duties or taxes are imposed.
Vaccinations At the time being, no vaccinations are required.
Language Although the official language and the main language of North Feniz is Fenizic, Ingallish is widely spoken and understood, as is Jerman and Phenixian in Mokra and Sukha.

Learn the pronounciation of the words Feniz and Fenizic!

Time Zone Feniz lies in the old system time zone Christiana Mean Time (CMT) - 1 hour.

Feniz lies in the new system time zone VexTime - Cruisana (VTC).

Currency The monetary unit is the Camel. The value of the Camel is fixed against the Christiana Crown at 2 cm= 1 Christiana Crown.

The Camel was originally defined likewise as the price for a normal camel as an animal and a tenthousandth of this value as a coin. The former, the "big" Camel, was abbreviated "Cm", the latter, or "small" Camel, "cm" or cm.

The double definition of the Camel has caused misunderstandings in the international financial world; the necessary attention as to which unit (Cm or cm) was used with prices or statistics stated a problem for our fast-living world. Therefore, the monetary unit of the Dromeedaar (DM) has been introduced instead of the "big" Camel, 1 Dromeedaar amounting to 10,000 Camel. You are free to write CM, Cm, cm or cm now for the Camel.

There are coins of 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cm, and bills of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 500 and 1,000 cm. The DM is for calculatory purposes only, and no DM bills or whatsoever are available.

Click to enlarge!Click to enlarge!

The bills are designed and produced by Thet Thrierhouse thes Thedeliye Hoard, (The Printing House of The National Bank), CURWICH, SY4 TH1, SOMERY - © Bo Bernvill 2004

Credit Cards Most enterprises throughout Feniz accept the Cruisana based Vexa® Cards.

Other credit cards like Westrian Express (from Westria),

WesterCard (from Chakrazipang/Westermarc),

Discovex (from Kalesthesia)

or the following Altlandic cards

are accepted in some places, but not generally.

Lodgings/Hotels Fenizabad and the coastal region offer a variety of hotels from Five-Flag to One-Flag level. Flag levels (O) equal Star levels («) of other countries.

We recommend you stay at a CLUB 'NIZ resort.

See the "Tour" and "Golf" pages for an impression of our hotel quality!

In Mokra and Sukha, there are hotels and other resorts of all Flag levels, with cheap acomodation to be found in nearly every village.

former German Governor's Palace in TogoIn the desert region, you may find lodging-houses at the Constabulary posts. Therefore we recommend that you have your planned route checked by a FENITOUR tourist office!

Painting of a typical 
Constabulary Post 

Telephone In the capital, Fenizabad, and the big cities, a rather good telephone network is in operation.

Abroad, especially in the desert, telephones are generally restricted to Constabulary posts and hotels.

Since July 300, a telecommunicaton satellite is available which can be accessed by satcom handies. The handies shown on the right are for sale and for hire.

International telephone prefix: 221

Emergency numbers: Police 110  
  Fire brigade 112  

Mobile Fire Brigade
(Petroleum Fire Specialists)

Public Transport Public transport is being supplied in all big cities.

The City of Fenizabad
uses the Ordcar Riania
in a special shortened
version to pass
through the
Old Town.

Opening Hours Because of the climate, normal opening hours are for
restaurants generally 11-13, 19-1
(individual inquiry recommended)
shops: 8-12, 18-22
offices: 8-12
post offices: 8-12, 17-19
physicians: 7-10, 17-19 and on request
airport including shops and restaurants 0-24
bazaar 9-24
Workdays (weekdays) By decree of the Caliph of 17 June 300, days of labour (weekdays or workdays) are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only (Mondays, partly), the remainder being days of rest (holidays).
  • National holidays:
    • Sultanate Foundation Day: 28 March (celebrating the foundation of the Sultanate in 300AP)
    • Day of Feniz: 27 April (celebrating the adoption of the state name FENIZ in 300AP)
  • Sultan's Birthday is celebrated on 6 November.
  • Every year, a month of religious worship and meditation called "Urlaub" is proclaimed by the Caliph.

    It is recommended not to visit the country during the Urlaub period as there will be no public activities. You can
    enquire the "Urlaub" period from FENITOUR Tourist Office of Feniz.
Eat & Drink

General rule: Do not eat anything unless it is washed, peeled, or boiled!

Taste the traditional dishes:
  • Zucchini stew with potatoes
  • Paprika-tomatoe stew with rice
  • Tuna rice with soy sprouts
  • Mu'Ssaa-Kaa: Baked chopped camel meat on mashed potatoes and aubergines
    (variant of this: Stew of camel meat with potatoes and aubergines)
  • Tomatoes boiled with olive oil and spices, served with rice and fried chopped meat
  • Chicorree salad with a dressing of sour cream, lemon juice and black pepper
  • Plaice (flounder) stewed with mushrooms, lemon juice, pepper and sour cream, served with potatoes - a traditional Mokra [Hochlandian] coast dish

The typical drinks are excellent with these dishes and are the best for your health, regarding the climate:
  • Coconut drinks
  • Tea (black and green)
  • Coffee with rose flavour
  • Coffee with camel milk

Try the typical sweets:

Other typical food comprises:

  • Peka nut butter

Warning: Some so-called "Northern" or "Woodland Specialities" restaurants offer elephant meat, often declared as "bush meat". We cannot recommend to enter these restaurants or eat such food because we think that elephants should be protected.

Shopping & Souvenirs In Fenizabad, you will find supermarkets, but for genuine shopping or purcase of typical souvenirs, we recommend the bazaars. Look for traditional products like jewellery, pottery, and cloths.
Activities There is a stylish casino in Fenizabad.

The coastal region permits swimming in the ocean and invites to boat trips.

Have a ride on elephantback in the northern woodlands!

The desert is best explored by car. We recommend Ee'Fah-Dee's Stalwarts car hire.

Ich'Fleeg-In Feniz (iF)offers airship trips to places of interest; see the timetables. Inland flights by plane are offered by iF and AIR FENIZ.

Climb the mountains of the Central Phenixian Ridge and the Central Longerathian Mountains!

The sports clubs are pleased to offer a reduced membership for the time of your stay:

Spend a wonderful evening at the old Royal Opera House at Fenizabad. The standard repertoire comprises "Aida" and "The Abduction From The Serail". In May 301, "Nabucco" had a splendid première.

See the Royal Palace! Attend the Ceremony of the Kiss!

Traffic Rules Driving licence required.
Main rule: The driving licence will be withdrawn when the driver willfully contravenes the traffic rules. Example: Driving too fast, e.g., is a willfull contravention because it needs pressing the accelerator.

Feniz drives on the left-hand side.

General speed limit (if not indicated otherwise):

  • 30 km/h in cities
  • 40 km/h on soft-suface roads (desert tracks) and off-road
  • 70 km/h on hard-surface roads
  • 100 km/h on multiple-lane highways/motorways/autobahns

Mind these typical Fenizic warning signs:

Beware of camel caravans (seen on desert roads)
Open fire prohibited, petroleum site or refinery nearby
or Make room for the Sultan

Read more about Fenizic traffic rules.

Information & Media Contact the Tourist Office of Feniz (FENITOUR) or its branches for any further information.

Current political, cultural and economic news are spread by the official news agency, General Fenizic News Service (GFN) which is, however, heavily censored.

The most famous newspaper of Feniz is the Kyjovo Observer who operates an own - and independent - online news service, KOOL NEWS (Kyjovo Observer OnLine NEWS). - The other great Kyjovo newspaper is the Kyjovo Gazette.

Fränkisch (Jerman) reading: Neue Liebe Gazette (formerly organ of the progressive movement of Colonel Makhliura who was against Hochlandia and against [!] Fränkische)

International newspapers like Utanian Zeitgeist Magazine or Altlandic VEX magazine can be purchased at the airports, the bigger hotels and in certain shops in the big cities.

Radio & television: The radio station Baba Babi Ckazala (BBC) - well known from Hochlandian times - is still transmitting.

Political Status The Grand Vizier (prime minister) Sheikh G'Ensh-Er Pasha still does not play a major role. The Caliph has retired from politics and consequently lost his influence, the new Foreign Vizier Dr. Kurt S. Schroedtnigg (photo) did not gain influence yet.


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