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Part 3: The Desert

On our way into the inland, we pass by one of the old castles erected shortly after the Plague by the invading Iparalaspuqui to guard their settlements near the coast.

Inside the country, the desert sand rises to huge mountain-like dunes. Only cactuses are growing here.

But even in the middle of the desert, we encounter the relics of an old civilization. The archeologists will have a lot to do here. The castle the ruins of which we see here has been built by the Fenis who are said to have come from Cruisana in ancient times.

The nomads live their life as if the time had stood still since those days.

In the far south-western corner of Northern Feniz, we stand at the point once called Fear'Landar-Akk (Four-lands-corner) because four countries met here; by now there are only three of them as Hochlandia (in the south - to the left) has become part of Feniz: Dascunya in the south-west (background) with the highrising Weissmont mountains, Estontetso in the west (to the right), and Feniz in the north-east (foreground). See also the map page to realize where we are now!

The Royal Survey Office has been ordered to erect a border monument at this special place, in agreement, of course, with our neighbouring nations. The surveying works are going on, supported by the Armed Forces' Topographic Battery.

The surveyors do not only secure our borders, but also our treasure, the oil.

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Part 4: The Oil


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