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Part 2: Fenizabad

Our capital city is Fenizabad. With its more than 1,700,000 inhabitants, it offers everything from a historic centre, the Old Town, to the latest architecture for the touristic sector as well as for the government. In this part of our tour, we shall visit mainly the Old Town; see the hotels, beaches and so on in part 5.

(picture courtesy of 1999 Alberto Stolfi)

The centre of the Old Town is formed by the Old Mosque, while the modern Abu Isa Mosque is situated in the modern university quarter just outside the city wall.

Here the holy book of the Fenizic Mounists, Ed'Moun-i, is being kept. Also outside the city wall, in the seafront quarter from the 180ies called Belleville, the Royal Palace of the Sultan and the Royal Opera House have been erected.

North of the Old Town, a quite new quarter has been built for the residences of the embassies which the nations of Vexillium are sending to us.

We are now standing before the main gate which is decorated with flags for some public event. (To identfy the flags, please turn to the flags page!)

Let us enter the centre and dive deep into the flair of the culture which has developed through the centuries. The bazaar.

Notice the red flag, the Poor Man's Flag of Fenizabad, which is flown by the citizens with pleasure.

Now, if you have seen enough - or remembered to where to return later -, ...

... we leave the city on one of the new multiple lane highways and drive towards the desert.

Part 3: The Desert


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