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Feniz - tour the country with the First Lady!
Part 7: The South

Our tour finally leads us into the former Hochlandia, now called the Mokra and Sukha emirates. These extend from the shore of the Futuronian Ocean ...

Scenes from the Futuronian Ocean

Scenes from Mokra

The most prominent cultural heritage is the Royal Chapel
in Kyovo, capital of Mokra (right).

... over the highest ridge of the Central Dascunyan Mountains ...

Scenes from Sukha

The capital of Sukha, Levyts'ki, accommodates the headquarters of
the "
Assembly for Peace in the Western Hemisphere" (APWH, left),
an international organisation.

... and, beyond the mountains, reach the Angliyaa-Dascunyan plain whose rivers lead to the Dark Sea.

In 302, 1 million spectators have been expected to the city which is otherwise known as the host of the APWH headquarters.
Levits'ki, capital of the Fenizic Emirate of Sukha, is celebrating Kahn-Eval!

Kahn-Eval (or Carnival), celebrated each year when the Sukha river swells in spring after snow-melting in the mountains, is a great event in that city, attacting hundred thousands from all over the country. It is evolving into an international feast.

Pure fun: Kahn-Eval in Levyits'ki

Fun reigns the town, and the biggest event is the Kahn-Eval parade on Rose Monday where all types of swelling things (like huge figures of politicians) are to be seen and others to be felt among the spectators only (Kahn-Eval game - All-Saints blame!).

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