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Company Portrait:

Id'S-Oylof Feniz (OF) - the National Petroleum Company


The corporation structure:

OF Holding Corporation

Emir Dr.-Eng. I'Foundpat-Role Founder and President of the OF

  • Administration Branch
  • Finance Branch (Head: Ham'Geld-Gnua, the famous golf player)
  • Marketing Branch (contact)
  • Personnel And Training Branch (contact)
  OF Production Corporation (50% owned by the Tribes of Al'Jumu-Ria (North Feniz), 50% by OF Holding)
  • Field Directors
  • Pipeline Director
  • Maintenance Director
  • Fire Brigade
  OF Consulting Corporation (100% owned by OF Production)
  • Technical Development Group
  • Geochemical Group
  • Geological Group
  • ADP Development Group
  • Exploration Group
  • Off-shore Group

    OF once tried to drill for oil in the Glaciaria region, most to the displeasure of the Fenizic Administration. Click to read more!
  • Fire Fighting Research Group


Oil Utania (24% owned by OF Consulting Corporation, 24% by Vexaco (Deucoland), 52% by Utania)
OF Shipping Corporation (100% owned by OF Holding)

(oil transportation)

  Fenizabad Shipyard Corporation (30% owned by the City of Fenizabad, 70% by OF Shipping)

(merchant ships)

Royal Shipyard (50% owned by Fenizabad Shipyard Corporation, 50% by RA&O)

(war ships)

Blackport Harbour Corporation (50% owned by the City of Fenizabad, 50% by OF Shipping)
OF Chemical Group (100% owned by OF Holding)
  OF Petrochemical Corporation


Our brand:

FE-BAG Plastic Products Corporation

(main product: plastic shopping bags)

Most prominent customer: BELSON CORPO­RATION (Utania) with over 300 million plastic bags worth Û14 million each year

FARMAFENIZ Pharmaceutical Corporation

Products of FARMAFENIZ are prefixed FEN- or FENI-, such as:

  • the antihistamine FENISTIL
  • FENISPIRIN, the well-known pain-killer
  • the psycho-drug FENIUM
  • the stomach tablets FENALOX
  • mineral products KALIFEN, CALCIFEN and FENICOAL
  • vitamin products FENASCORB and VITAFEN (multi-vitamin)
  • the fungicidal BATRAFEN
OF Textile Group (50% owned by OF Holding, 50% by OF Chemical)
  OF Fibres


Brand: Fenilon

OF Fabrics


REMAFEN REMAFEN Ready-Made Clothes

REMAFEN - the brand for high-quality ready-made clothes for women, men and children

REMAFEN employs Feniz's leading couturier, Mr Trag'Myn-Tsoig


All REMAFEN and FE-BAG articles, all FARMAFENIZ products as far as import is allowed by your government, and many more, including international products, can be ordered on-line from HARRIZ and are sent to you by the fastest mail connections available on our planet.


All books of Vexillium on-line! Plus videos, CDs, games...

All brands are -ed.

OF is developing special capabilities and high-tech expertise in mining-related fire fighting.

Our extremely mobile fire brigde is available for emergency operations in all parts of Vexillium.

Emergency calls are possible by phone (dial 0-112-112) and by e-mail.


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