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Phoenix Golf Club

The Phoenix Golf Club proudly presents
its new and marvellous golf course, situated at the sea side near Fenizabad.

The Id'S-Oylof Feniz Open was the first competition to be played here on May 4 through May 7 as part of the International Golf Tour (IGT) of the year 300. The course was finished just in time by the help of the Armed Forces' Engineer Corps.

The best golfers of Feniz are playing here. They are not professionals but mostly officers and noblemen which spend much time for their hobby and therefore are quite good at golf.

If you visit the place, you might meet the following Fenizic top players which, of course, participate in the IGT 300:

The same players are expected to take part in the IGT 301 which will, amongst others, feature another Id'S-Oylof Feniz Open.

How to get there:

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We bid you welcome!

from the official report
about the International Golf Tour (IGT) of the year 300:

PHOENIX TOWN, FENIZ --- Christiana's Evan Burchard asked for one last chance and then made the best of it Sunday as he defeated the unknown Rosardannach Johnnie McKey on the second playoff hole to successfully defend his title at the $3.4 million Christiana Crowns Id'S-Oylof Feniz Open in Phoenix Town.
Excellent and surprising showing also by local Fenizian challenger Bin'Weri-Gudd Aga, who took maximum advantage of his knowledge of the course, and cashed a cool cheque for CC113,900... who would have thought!

The final scores and earnings, in Christiana Crowns:

Burchard (CHR) $612,000 67-67-68-68-270 18 under
McKey (ROS) $367,200 69-65-68-68-270 18 under
Bin'Weri (FNZ) $113,900 69-68-67-69-273 15 under
Ham'Geld (FNZ) $10,608 69-69-72-72-282 6 under
Bir'Her (FNZ) $10,608 69-69-71-73-282  


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