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How everything started (the first homepage)

Note: Feniz was called Phoenicia until 27 April 300.

Foreign Department

Phoenix Town, 27 Feb 300
Mail address

Welcome to the provisional homepage of our beloved country, Ir-Sultan Id-Feniz! (The Sultanate Of Phoenicia). We greet you with our traditional greeting, "Salem-Alejkum - Peace be with you - Friede sei mit Euch" on behalf of His Royal Majesty the Sultan W'Infri-Ed and Her Royal Majety the First Lady Of The Harem B'Ih-Uncah.

A short introduction to our recent history:

At the time when the great oil field near Abqaiq was detected, the chief of the Hammar tribe, Sheik W'Infri-Ed, was finally elected by the gathered chiefs to renew the state of Phoenicia.

What will the future bring?

The first men of the new Phoenicia,

  • His Royal Majesty (H.R.M.) the Sultan W'Infri-Ed,
  • His Highness the President of the Administrative Body (Prime Minister) Aga I'd Doo-Itt,
  • His Holiness the Caliph Nir'Too-Gott (as the religious leader) and
  • His Excellency the President of Id'S-Oylof Feniz (the national Oil Corporation, the all-mighty OF) Dr.-Engr. I'Foundpat-Role

will play their important roles and lead the nation to new horizons, while scientists are searching after the true history, drawing maps and searching for even more oil.

This development will be a peaceful one, and the country remain eternally neutral. This does not prohibit the building of Armed Forces.

Problems are foreseen with the neighbouring country to the south, Hochlandia, which seems to be a virtual vacuum which could attract hostile elements. The eyes of the Department of Defence and of the Foreign Department will rest on this teritory with distrust.

given by the President of the Administrative Body of the Sultanate of Phoenicia, i.e. the prime minister, I'd Doo-Itt Aga, to the correspondent of the Christiana News Network (CNN) in Phoenixtown on 31 March 300.

CNN: Your Highness, rumours have it that the new government tramples upon tradition and history likewise, that it is imperialistic by character and ridiculous regarding behaviour...

THE PRESIDENT: I know these rumours; we all who took responsibility know them, and in some way even expected them. If you seize the power in a country you make enemies. Peolple should ask themselves whether these incriminations can contain truth or if they weren't more likely to be mere eruptions of a terrible madness against those who show them the mirror.

CNN: What do you mean by this, mirror?

P.: We are basicly a movement of the people, even if it is led by their traditional leaders, a movement, though, against a ruler who suppressed or ignored the people, whatever was more convenient for him. This former ruler, the self-appointed King Sabin of Scorpio was at all times looked upon by the people as a stranger and usurper. He had, of course, his subtle methods of hiding his actions, as you can see fom the total ignorance of the Vexillium public about these facts.

When he disappeared, we felt bound to protect the people against new usurpers, and we had to take over the necessary power. The same may be true for Hochlandia, for instance. If their people don't take their opportunity, it might well be us who do it for them - for their own and for our security likewise.

CNN: This is what has been brandmarked as imperialism...

P.: (rising his voice, calming down again while speaking) You are constantly using an insulting and defaming term. Phoenicia is a peaceful and eternally neutral country, and its only wish is that every country on this planet should be like this. In our mind, this is the contrary of what you and our enemies are alleging.

CNN: (blushing, at a low voice) Certainly, your Highness. (At a firm voice again) But the tradition...

P.: Young man! What do you know about tradition? Is it what you see in the street or on the market place? Can tradition be imposed on a coutry by force? No! Tradition is something which rests deep in the soul of the people. It may be suppressed, but never can be extinguished. What I want to say, if you go out today and see things - or hear names - which you never have heard or seen before, this does not mean that we, the new leaders, have eliminated traditions, but on the contrary, we brought them up again from the hearts of the people.

This people is straightforward, intelligent, religious and - maybe therefore - peaceful. They are simple people struggling against the adversities of nature out there in the desert; we who form the new leadership are all coming from there - hence our traditional names which, too, have been suppressed by the former rulers! Can you imagine how we felt when our names were wrenched from us?

CNN: No... It must be like being stripped of your personality...

P.: Quite so! We were not allowed to be ourselves... Okay, this time is gone, and our duty is to prevent it from coming back.

And when we now have been endowed with a great and invaluable gift, the enormous petroleum reserves, for which we ought to be thankful to Moun, our God - who, as we believe, is nobody else than your Cruis, by the way -, we take this as a sign from Heaven that we have to carry on, that we are on the right way. (smiling) Even if we don't know much about ways, out there in the eternal sands!

CNN: Your Highness, can you tell me something about what we have to expect in the future, from your government?

P.: Administration! We have only one governor: Our beloved Sultan. - In the first line, we have to maintain the security and inviolability of the country and its borders. We need a border control force, for the establishment of which we seek assitance from nations with an appropriate military experience. For this to accomplish, we must establish international relations, join multinational bodies, and conclude the necessary treaties. At the same time, we have to develop an industry for the exploration, production, processing and marketing of the petroleum. We shall set up an information campaign, focussed on using the most advanced technologies, that is to say Internet. We shall promote tourism, at least or better say at first in the coastal region. We hope to reach and finally surpass Nova Luxa standards. Yes, a lot has to be done (he continues on the verge of tears) to raise our country from what has been left by a hostile rulership, but our dear homeland is worth every effort.

CNN: Your Highness, thank you for this interview.

The arrival of the Zartanian military assistance (press report)

Phoenixtown, 8 April 300

The Sultan's Lifeguards Company stood with sabres blinking in the bright sun as the Royal Zartanian Task Force "Raptor" entered the anchorage in front of the city. A crowd of school children waving flags and rejoicing, waited at the barricade which enclosed the landing place where the commander of the task force, Flag Captain Jennifer du Malion, was expected to land with her helicopter, bringing with her a staff of military experts whose duty would be to arrange for the provisional defence of our country while our own forces were built up.

When the helicopter finally arrived, it was difficult to say whether the aircraft or the crowd shouting hails at the soldiers was the louder one. As Flag Captain Jennifer du Malion left the helicopter, the guards saluted and a band of questionable origin but even more effort played the hymns of Eastern Zartania and those of Phoenicia. Yes, for the first time ever, the new anthem of our land was to be heard with its two melodies, one from the eastern tribes and one from the western, one more soul-stirring than the other. The assembled people was, of course, able to sing to the eastern melody only.

After this, the President of the Administrative Body, Aga I'd Doo-Itt, took the floor and held a speech thanking our Zartanian friends, with whose help we shall enjoy freedom and security. The petroleum will give us the means to build our future own armed forces with the help of the experienced Zartanian armed forces.

Then he shook hands with the Flag captain and her staff and led them to the car convoy who drove them to the Sultan's palace in the Old Town of Phoenixtown.

Press picture of the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Sheik G'Ensh-Er

H. D. Genscher reworked by George V. Simmons

taken by an Altlandic reporter on 22 April 300 (courtesy of George V. Simmons)

The Ban of the Cult of the Phoenix and the adoption of the state name FENIZ

1. The Ban

The Caliph of all Faithful
Phoenixtown, 27 April 300


In order to
-- promote the good belief in the One and Only God,
-- extinguish all heterodoxy and superstition

WE HEREWITH BAN - for once and ever -
the cult of the phoenix as obeyed by the former king Sabin and his companions.

Nobody shall furtheron execute that cult, nor publicise, nor even mention it.

All remembrances to that cult shall be deleted, including the names of the state and its capital city.

signed: Nir'Too-Gott

2. The New Name

Information Office
The Royal Spokesman

Salem Alejkum to all Vexillium Nations!

Please not that as of 27 April 300 AP,
-- the name of the Sultanate of Phoenicia has been changed to "Sultanate of Feniz",
-- its capital Phoenixtown has been renamed Fenizabad.

A new flag is under (which is a new edition of our information handbook, interesting for all and under continued improvement).

Peace to Vexillium!

By order of the Sultan
Dr. Ir'Kuts-Ki, Spokesman of Feniz

3. The Celebrations

Press release as of 27 Apr 00 - From our correspondent at Phoenixtown:

All Phoenixtown seemed to be gathered before the main gate of the Old Town to watch and take part in the great ceremony. Finally the Sultan arrived in a blinking car, accompanied by a platoon of his lifeguards in their newly introduced historic uniforms. As he stepped to the gallery erected for this event, the newly founded Army music corps played a flourishing march. In the meantime, His Holiness the Caliph and His Excellency the Lord Mayor had arrived.
The Lord Mayor welcomed H.R.Majesty, H.Holiness and the whole crowd of his citizens. Then the Caliph proclaimed the decree which bans the cult of the Phoenix, which had been promoted by the well-hated former King Sabin. He also banned everything that could recollect the name of the Phoenix. The audience applauded moderately. When H.R.M. the Sultan stepped forward, however, the people burst into rejoicing shouts of Hail! H.R.M. then decreed publicly that the Sultanate, Ir'Sultan Id-Feniz, should carry this name in the future, as the Sultanate of Feniz. After this, the Lord Mayor proclaimed that the capital was now to be called Fenizabad.
The music corps ended the ceremony playing joyful tunes while the crowd turned to the attractions of the nearby public festival and enjoyed it until late night.

Success of Norgaard III

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and lift off!!  Lift off of the Norgaard III launch vehicle with the Feniz CommSat and The Kingdom's VexImaging satellite, launching The Kingdom into the space industry."  Those historic words were broadcast across The Kingdom just a few short minutes ago as The Danican Space Agency and The Danican Institute of Launch Vehicle Technology successfully launched the Norgaard III launch vehicle into Vex Orbit.  Mission Control in Nakskov is watching the situation closely as the moment of the first deployment draws near.  The first satellite to be placed into orbit is from Feniz.  The communications satellite will aid the nation in several ways. Shortly after that, The Kingdom's VexImager will be deployed.  This satellite will collect data of the Vex surface at a resolution of 30 meters.

Several dignitaries are on hand to witness this most historic event including The Fenizic Space Technologies Co-ordinator Dr. I'Fliag-Aufi, the Directors of The Danican Space Agency and The Danican Institute of Launch Vehicle Technology as well as several elected officials from the Lord Mayor of Nakskov Charles Nornsen to the President of Mansa Province Chealsey Alinuuit.  Deployment of the CommSat is scheduled for 10.25 Danican Standard Time (DST).

I'm Eina Fjortruden reporting for The Voice in Skagen, Province Mansa

(02 Jul 00)

First Fenizic Army Regiments Operational

GFN, 08.09.00 - With an impressive parade, the first Fenizic regiment to take up their duty were shown to the enthusiastic public.
They are a Border Regiment, a Royal Constabulary Regiment and the Royal Footguards Regiment.
The regiments are specialized in border and teritorial defence.
The Border Regiment and the Constabulary Regiment will be deployed to the south of Feniz to secure the border towards Hochlandia which remains in anarchy, and towards Dascunya whose ruler are abroad since months.

Holy Book Of Moun Restored

In a deeply moving ceremony in front of the Old Mosque in Fenizabad, the
Holy Book of Moun (in Fenizic language: Ed'Moun-i) has been received from
the restorators of the Emir Dr I'Fondpat-Role University and transferred to
the New Mosque.

The Sultan himself took Ed'Moun-i from the hands of the scientists, showered
it with tears of joy and devotion, kissed it seven times, and finally handed
it over to the Caliph who had the honour to carry it from the Old to the New
Mosque in a splendid procession. In its new place, it will be visible and
accessible by all faithful of Vexillium.

The Book which has not yet been dated has been in the Old Mosque ever since,
neglected for a long time, hidden from the Phoenix cult people, and is now
restored in honour and resplendence.

A couple of men, however, tried to disturb the ceremony. About twelve of
them have been arrested and gaoled. They are believed to be followers of the
banned cult of the Phoenix.

The main lessons from Ed'Moun-i should be widely known:
- Love each other like yourselves! - Keep peace! -
Other lessons say:
- Work from Fridays to Sundays, rest from Mondays to Thursdays! -
Obey! - Spread the Faith! - Moun's will be done! -

(25 Oct 00)

Departure of Zartanian Advisors and Troops

03 Jan 301

FENIZABAD, Feniz (RNS) - Late last night the last of the Zartanian
military contingent left the Sultanate of Feniz with little fanfare,
ending the Empire's nearly seven-month long mission to protect the small
country on the eastern coast of Longerath. Following a request by the
sultan of Feniz, the bulk of Zartanian troops and equipment were
withdrawn from the country by December 15th of last year. Another 62
advisors were left behind to complete some of the vital training given
by the Zartanian military to Feniz's fledgling armed forces. With the
completion of the training yesterday afternoon, the final Zartanian army
flag was lowered in a brief ceremony at Camp Plinil, and the remaining
advisors packed their bags to leave. Around 10:00 last night, local
time, under cover of darkness, the advisors boarded the destroyer AMD
Modena (D-18) and set sail for Zartania, rendezvousing with the
remainder of Task Force Raptor at sea. The task force is expected to
arrive back in Claw Anchorage by Monday, January 8th. Though the
mission to actively protect Feniz has officially ended, some members of
the Royal Military and the Imperial Council of Ministers have stated
that they "still consider Feniz to be a valuable friend, and one in
whose defense we will continue to take an interest."

Mounist Vexillium Conference 301
3rd - 6th Jan 301

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New Challenge For OF Soon Abandoned
Drilling Off The Shore Of Glaciaria

(4.4.01) International reporters were stunned at a press conference held by
Id'S-Oylof Feniz (OF) that the brand-new research catamaran with its huge
derrick was to be sent to the seas around Glaciaria on the search for oil.

The scientific director of OF explained that according to geological
assessments, a huge bubble of oil must be located near Honk Island, Fort
Capital region, Glaciaria. Upon questions from some obviously alarmed
journalists, the president, Emir Dr I'Foundpat-Role assured the audience
that the territorial waters will not have to be entered by the platform. It
will be moored on the high sea 3.1 nautical miles off Honk Island, and sink
its deep boring tool some thousand meters.

One reporter insisted by asking if a sort of sideways boring, thus under
the sovereign territory of N. Gronk, was planned. The technical director
replied, without hiding a smile, that they well knew how to do this but that
there were, of course, no such plans as they would eventually place a
problem on the Fenizic administration.

The board then handed out a photo of the ship
on which its catamaran type can clearly be
seen. The stunning vessel is able to operate in
water of 8,000 ft depth and can drill 35,000 ft
deep. This new instrument of most challenging
technology is said to open a new age of oil

Afternote: Supreme intervention of December 301 has put an end to this and
similar ventures in Glaciaria. Read the
background story.

Champoise - what happened really?
On 5th April 301 at the Phenixian border

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My version of "behind the scene" - I rather think it is on scene...

The Deposal of Sultan W'Infri-Ed

General Fenizic News Service (GFN)
Date: 07 Apr 301
Categories: Feniz, Divan, Sultan, Champoise
Title: Divan Elects New Sultan

The Divan or Council of State of Feniz met this morning to discuss the
conclusions to be drawn from the Sultan's failure in the Champoise case. The
meeting took place without Sultan W'Infri-Ed who is on his voyage back from
Altland on board his yacht.

The Secretary to the Divan has announced that the Divan decided to pass an
indictment against Sultan W'Infri-Ed in concordance with 12 of the current
constitution. The indictment will run along the lines of "endangerment of
the security and existence of the state". It is a matter of fact that it was
W'Infri-Ed's idea and decision which drove Feniz to the verge of suicide.
The mentioned paragraph asks for a successor to be elected. The members
elector of the Divan therefore chose

    His Highness
    the President Of The Administrative Body
    (Prime Minister)
    I'd Doo-Itt Pasha

as the new Sultan. According to 12, he has to plead the cause before the
Supreme Court Of Judicature. This means that the succession cannot be
effected before the return of Sultan W'Infri-Ed who must be given the
opportunity to defend himself.

I'd Doo-Itt Pasha, member of the Fenis tribe, has all necessary knowledge
for his appointment through his previous work. He surely deserves the
appointment as a reward for his modest and diligent work for the Sultanate's
affairs. He is a guarantor for calm and peaceful politics.

The members elector of the Divan furthermore chose as his successor as
President Of The Administrative Body the Sheikh G'Ensh-Er Pasha, until now
well-known Secretary for Foreign Affairs. As he was the prime advisor in
this bad affair, he cannot continue to represent Feniz as Foreign Secretary,
so he was appointed POTAB which takes him out of the line of fire but makes
sure that his experience has continued influence on the foreign policy.

The new Foreign Secretary has still to be found. The Director of the
Information Office exercises his functions.

The Defence Secretary has been found innocent and thus may remain in office.
He himself, however, feels guilty for being a compliant. On the other hand,
the media have pointed out a certain weakness of the armed forces for which
he stood; so he declared his resignation. His successor has not been decided
upon. The Chief of the Joint Defence Planning Staff is currently in charge.

At last the Divan decided to dissolve the Secret Service which has proven
its complete incompetence.


Commentary on political parties in Hochlandia
by Al'Yo-Shah, Chief Editor of the General Fenizic News Service (GFN)

[01 Sept 01] The ex-Hochlandian region being under relatively slack control by the government, a bunch of political or quasi-political parties and organisations arose there in the last months. The visitor to the Mokra and Sukha cities will be astonished to see advertisements, to read and to hear from groups like

- CDU Cruisian Democratic Union
- CSU Council of Socialist Unions
- FDP Fenizic Democratic Party
- SPD Socialist Power for Democracy
- SED Students for Environment and Democracy
- HLF Hochlandian Liberation Front
- FPB Free Phoenix Believers
- SPM Socialist Party of Mokra
- MIS Movement for an Independent Sukha
- TP Traditionalist Party
- SWP Sukha Workers Party
- UFPW United Fishers-Peasants-Workers
- DU Democratic Union
- USA United Socialistic Army

The government feels uneasy about the situation but is at the same time unable to do anything about it but hush up. The constitution does not prohibit parties although, in the traditional Fenizic system, there was no need for them because the basic democracy was executed in the tribe and settlement environment. The Hochlandian structure of parishes which may comprise citizens different by background, profession, education, ethnicy and so on, does indeed require parties to gather those with similar interests. They should not work but on parish level; their names, however, give the impression that there is a strong will to control or even separate parts of South Feniz if not the whole region.   We can but hope that the benefits coming from our Administration will convince and persuade the separatists to stay within our Sultanate. If not, Hochlandia might not be the only part of the country to fall apart. But did they think about the future after Feniz? Do they really want to end up like, say, Dascunya? Do they really want to be at the mercy of foreign powers? Don't they exchange one rule for another, but without knowing what the new rule will be like? So every man with a sense for responsibility calls out: "Stay!" And I want to add: "Love your country! Unite! Work hard!"

Foreign Vizier, Dr. Kurt S. Schroedtnigg, on a flight to an international event
19 Sept, 302

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