The Merchant Fleet of Feniz

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Merchant Ensign
Ulnovabad Merchant Ensign
Other flags flown by merchant ships:

Pilot Flag - Mail Pennant

Name of the shipping-company
Services offered
House Flag Funnel mark
OF Shipping

Petroleum and gas transport

Subsidiary of the OF

OLCO Cargo

Cargo transport around the coasts of Longerath and Smalik and - mainly - to the Old Continent, now called Eras

Examples of cargo line schedules

VEXCO Transvexillium Container

Container transport throughout Vexillium

Fenizic Fishery Fleet


The Transfuturonian (TT Line)

Ferry service and carriage of mail to the Old Continent, especially to Ulnovabad, but also to Utania and to Cruisana

Branch of FeniFeri

Time tables for ferry lines and cruises


Ferry service and carriage of mail along the Fenizic coast and to the islands like the Hedwig Islands

Branch of FeniFeri


Vexillium-wide luxury cruise travelling

Subsidiary of FENITOUR


Day trips along the coast and islands, with diving and fishing experiences

Subsidiary of FENITOUR

Fenizic Society For The Salvation Of Shipwrecked Persons (FSSSP)

FSSSP life boat

Putting out to sea
for a mission

In heavy sea

The FSSSP maintains a life boat service along the Fenizic coast.

The FSSSP is an independent society funded by voluntary donations only.

Royal Yacht Club
FUME Shipping Line

A joint venture (50/50) with Utania which conducts the shipment of the imports from Utania over the Futuronian and Meridic Oceans

Subsidiary of IMPUTAN

Time tables


Shipment to Fora Rifo of the imports from Utania (operated by FUME Shipping Line)

Subsidiary of IMPUTAN

Time tables

Meritéan Express

House flag and Ensign. (As a state shipping-line, ME ships fly a special ensign derived from the state flag)

Meritéan Express connects the Emirate of Ulnovabad to Feniz and to the (North) Meritéan region of Eras, transporting mixed cargo (part loads), passengers, and mail.

State shipping-line of Ulnovabad

All company names are -ed.


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