Advertisement of IMPUTAN Corporation

IMPUTAN Corporation, founded in October 301, is devoted to manage, conduct and distribute the imports from Utania on the basis of the mutual agreement between the governments of Utania and Feniz.

The corporation has two subsidiaries:

In Feniz, we co-operate with several distributors and retailers. In particular, the frozen goods are carried by Interfrost.

The company turn-over of CC 2.4 billion (480,000 DM) per year is composed as follows:

  weight amount CHR Crown
Grains 3,421,000 tons CC481 million 50%
Tobacco 12,500 tons CC130 million 20%
Cotton 350,000 tons CC575 million 20%
fruits and
530,000 tons CC332 million 80%
  4,313,500 tons    
Beef (frozen) 305,390 tons CC659 million 30%
Lamb (frozen) 109,000 tons   CC203 million 30%
  414,890 tons    
  4,728,390 tons  CC2,380 million  
Fora Rifo:
Foods 2,150 tons    
Meat (frozen) 210 tons    
  2,260 tons CC1.2 million  

The FUME Fleet

FUME house flag FUME funnel marking

Calculating the required number of ships: A container ship of the type described below can move 2,133 40ft containers at about 27 tons payload (10% refrigerated containers at 25 tons payload, 30 tons gross weight for any type) each or 64,000 tons which means up to 83 shiploads per year. It will take 9 days each to traverse the 9,900 km from Utania to Feniz and back at 24.5 kts, and another 2-4 days each to onload/offload the goods (50 containers per hour per crane with -say- 2 cranes per ship makes 2 days in Blackport harbour, a fast port, and perhaps twice that time in Utania). With a total of 24 days per round-trip, FUME need (83*24/365=) 6 container ships. They own 7 in fact, additiional spare being provided by charter in case of need.

Container ship "Senator"
(of the same type:
"Consul", "Praetor",
"Quaestor", "Faeniccia",
"Romulus", Remus")
Built: 297
Cargo deadweight: 63,645 metric tons
Draught: 12.0 m
Length/bredth: 294.13 m / 32.20 m
Container positions: 4,545
Cooling positions: 350
Speed: 24.5 kt = 45.37 km/h
Main engine: 41,040 KW = c.
55,814 HP

For Fora Rifo, we have one small ship travelling back and forth, owned by IMPUTAN (FR) and operated by FUME.

Built Deadweight Length Breadth Draught
299 12,126 mts 137.4 m 21.5 m 8.79 m


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