Advertisement of CLUB 'NIZ, a subsidiary of FENITOUR Tourist Office.

CLUB 'NIZ - Vex's prime holiday club - proudly presents its first resort Katharina Marina on the Hedwig Islands, north of Apshograd, Mokra (see maps below). The resort is situated in a beautiful archipelago adjacent to one of Feniz's VEHPAs (Vexillium Environmental Heritage Preserve Areas).

CLUB 'NIZ offers all you can expect for a holiday in harmony with nature.

Katharina Marina and the Hedwig Islands are simply the best for sailing and for swimming in the open sea and in outdoor and indoor pools.

More resorts are being planned at the most incentive spots of the globe. We are happy to have already gained general concessions for the Greater Burovian Realm and for Independent Westrian Kukuria.

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How to get there:

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 daily by boat with
 Interinsular from
 Fenizabad, Odesiuky
 or Apshograd
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daily 08.00 by airship with IF from Sultan W'Infri-Ed International Airport, Fenizabad  book here 

Regional Map
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Map of St. Catherine Island with CLUB 'NIZ location
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Mapping © Somerish Board of Chartwrights (SBCW)

Our plans for future club locations:

Greater Burovian Realm: Santrop and the Sulanian Keys (great Solanchatka summer destinations), Zuulin (on the northern boundary coast of Solanchatka), the Northern Hum Islands (Lombriga), Tuaff (Islands off Westria), Izmith (Udan-Woo), Tumicki (Island off Udan-Woo), Myrinesian Archipelago (summer destination Islands off Colophan/Kalesthesia), Tronrejal in the mountains of Kalesthesia, Bad Thurn and Bad Chingri in the Kirvan Alps (Deucoland)

Ordland: Nova Luxa, N. L.

Gichadia: Port Cote

St. Kilda: St. Kildaport

Independent Westrian Kukuria


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