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(Animated graphics coutesy of Jay Griffin, Kiltanland)

Physical and political map of the region of
Feniz on the continent of Longerath and
Ulnovabad on the contient of Eras (r.)

The First Map...

... supplied jointly by the Royal Christiana Cartographer and the Christiana Defense Geographic Service to the new Administration of Feniz in April, 300AP, as an act of economic, technical, and military assistance:

(Strictly speaking, this is not a map, but an aeronautical chart.)

JNC 1:2 Mill.

Official map of the Sultanate

first published 18 March 301, updated 31 Aug 303


Traffic map

(Provisional edition) Status: 26 Sept 301

Travel map (Tourist map)

First preliminary edition of FENITOUR Tourist Office of Feniz, issued on the basis of the above (provisional) traffic map, 26 Sept 301

Vexillium Environmental Heritage Preserve Areas
(VEHPAs) in Feniz - 29 Dec 301

Read more about VEHPAs and the
Vexillium Environmental Heritage Council of Feniz

Cimeran map of the Trois-Îles (Three Islands)

which have been ceded to Cimera under a treaty as of March 25, 302

City Map of Fenizabad

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