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Armed Forces of Feniz Mapping And Geographic Service

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Terms of Reference

<tech: The author at work in the eighties>The Mapping and Geographic Service of the Armed Forces of Feniz is responsible for all matters related to military maps and charts, geodetic data, as well as geographic, hydrographic, nautical and aeronautical information (geo-information).

The regions to be covered by the geo-information are Feniz and such regions of Vexillium as defined by the requirements set up by the commanders and staffs.

Survey Platoon at workThe different branches of the service have to collect and verify or develop and produce, update, and supply the geo-information according to the said requirements.

Supply of geo-information is always effected "joint", i.e. across component borders.

Thus the service safeguards a reliable navigation and an effective conduct of operations.

Structure and Tasks

The structure of the Mapping and Geographic Service is decentralized.


Joint Defence Planning Staff is responsible for the service as a whole.
prepares the geo-infor- mation required for the national defence and for expeditionary operations of the Royal Army or the Royal Navy.

A special duty is the national handling of the Vexillium Positioning System (VPS) of the Free Confederate Community Space Agency (FCCSA)

deals with all hydrographic and oceanographic matters for the coastal defence and for expeditionary operations of the Royal Navy.
on the mapping sector, manages all questions of aeronautical information including air charts for Feniz and Vexillium-wide in support of all types of air operations, especially for the Vexillium-wide missions of the Royal Air Guards Wing, Royal Air Travel Squadron related to state visits and other travels of the Sultan.
Guards do not have an own geographic element.
Royal Constabulary do not have an own geographic element.
Royal Army and Fenizic Expedi- tionary Corps
  • Interconti- nental Inter- vention Command
  • Staff Regiment
    • Staff Btl

- Command/Supply platoon
- Survey platoon
- Cartographic platoon
- Map and Chart Supply platoon

Survey platoon helps locating the Fear'Landar-Akk (Four-lands-corner) by survey

is responsible for the cartographic and geodetic support of the Royal Army and organized to be able to carry out this task in support of an expeditionary operation. In case of need, it supplies information to the Royal Navy as well.
  • Interconti- nental Air Transport Command
  • Air Transport Wing

<tech: The old Canberra of the Bundeswehr Geographic Office!>

supplies aerial photography and general photogrammetric products of any region as base material for the mapping process.

The Armed Forces of Feniz use the same type of survey plane as the Christiana Defence Forces.

Royal Navy and Fenizic Expedi- tionary Fleet
  • Command of the High Seas
  • Support Squadron

collects hydrographic data of the Fenizic Territorial Waters and the Vexillic seas which are analyzed by the Royal Hydrographic Office.

Co-operation with Mapping Organizations of Vexillium

The Armed Forces of Feniz Mapping And Geographic Service works closely together with the Christiana Defense Geographic Service. It seeks co-operation with other mapping organizations throughout Vexillium in an open and constructive manner.


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