The Governmental and Administrative Structure of the Sultanate of Feniz

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Institutions of Constitutional Rank

Central Authorities

The Grand Vizier
The Administrative Body

(formerly: President of the Administrative Body)

The Sultan

The Kadiasker
The Grand Kadiyya

(formerly: President of the Royal Supreme Court of Judicature)

Ir'Divan Id-Feniz
(The Fenizic Council Of State)

The Serail or Royal Household Office -
the Court of the Sultan

Federated Bodies

(for costume and flag details of the Emirates and Tribes see the "Tribes" page)

The Emirs
of the...
The Emir Omda (Lord Mayor)
of the...
The Emirs
of the...
The Emir Omda (Lord Mayor)
of the...
Prall'Ist Anni-Esto Emirate I'Para Lass-Puki
Municipal Emirate of Fenizabad Ir'Mokra Id-Hochland
Ir'Sukha Id-Hochland
Autonomous Emirate of Ulnovabad
The Sheikhs
and Tribes of the...
The Omdas
as Sheikhs of the...
The Mayors
and Communes
Old Town Tribe

The other municipal tribes carry the same names as their countryside counterparts

Tribes with rights like an Emirate:
Ir'Fenis Myste-Gal Ze'Borna Ti-Esto

Since 303, religious leaders like the Caliph are no constitutional authorities any more.

The Administrative Body

Vizier is the Fenizic word for a Minister, Vizakhra is the Ministry. [[Turkish expressions]]

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Commentary on Fenizic policy from the Editor of GFN: Feniz Today

Grand Vizier

President Of The Administrative Body)

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Grand Vizakhra
(Office of the Grand Vizier)
Secret Service
old organization dissolved as of 7 April 301)
The Spokesman of Feniz
and Director, Information Office
co-operating with the
General Fenizic News Service (GFN) [[name constructed after the Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst ADN of the former GDR]]

(The other important Fenizic news service, Kyovo Observer's Online News Service ("KOOL NEWS"), is completely independant.)

Walis (old: Presidents Of The Supervisory Board) [[Turkish expressions]] Beys (old: District Directors) [[Turkish expressions]]

Vizier of Foreign Affairs/ Foreign Vizakhra

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Royal Fenizic Missions
Fenizic Relief Forces (FRF)

Vizier for Home Affairs/ Home Vizakhra

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National Environmental Office
Organizations supported by the vizakhra:
Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelties To Elephants
Royal Survey Office
+ Military Geographic Branch (part of the Armed Forces Mapping and Geographic Service)
Royal Geological Office
Royal Mining Office
Royal Fishery Office
supervising the
Co-operative Fenizic Fishery Fleet
Royal Water Office WADI (Water Desalination Installations of Feniz)
National Archives

Vizier/Vizakhra of Transport

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Royal Hydrographic Office
+ Military Branch
Royal Pilotage Service
Royal Aviation Office
+ Military Branch
Air Traffic Control Service
Royal Meteorological Institute
Post Master General/
General Post Office
Postal Service:
Post Inspectors, Post Offices
Telecommunication Service
Space Technologies Co-ordinator
(represented by the Director, Institute for Space Technology and Applications, Department of Technology, Emir Dr. I'Foundpat-Role University, Fenizabad)
Satellite Launch Registry (SLR) Ground Base
sponsored by the Fenizic Administration, managed as a University installation, part of a vexwide network of ground based bases keeping a watchful eye on all the artificial objects orbiting Vexillium and reporting them to Armatirion's SLR
National Road Traffic Office
National Railways Office
Occidental Railways (Feniz)
LongeRail Widegauge Railway (in planning)

Vizier/Vizakhra of Cultural Affairs

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FENITOUR Tourist Office of Feniz
School Service (instruction is free; see also District Administration)
Public Universities under supervision of the vizakhra:
Emir Dr. I'Foundpat-Role University, Fenizabad
Kyjovo University
Kyjovo Medical University
Organizations supported by the vizakhra:
Royal Opera House
National Sports Committee of Feniz
National VexGames Committee
Vexillium Environmental Heritage Council
of Feniz
Geographic Society of Vexillium
Royal Research & Performance Center for
Electronic & Programmed Music (RCEM)
Health Service (health care is free; see also District Administration)


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Tax Offices
Customs are unknown in Feniz; taxes are only collected outside Al'Jumu-Ria (the Old Emirates or North Feniz).
Bank Of Feniz
Economic Advisor to the Fenizic Administration:
Mr. Mike Ham Esq., Managing Director of the Mike Ham Economic Consultancy Inc.

Grand Mufti/
Grand Muftiyya

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Supreme Public Prosecutor

Armed Forces of Feniz

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Chief of the Grand General Staff
Guards (under operational command of the Sultan)
Royal Constabulary
Royal Army / Fenizic Expeditionary Corps
Royal Navy / Fenizic Expeditionary Fleet

City Administration

Fenizabad serves as an example for the administration of Feniz's bigger cities.

Ulnovabad, however, has a government of its own kind.

Emir Omda (Lord Mayor)
of the City of Fenizabad

Sultan W'Infri-Ed International Airport Administration
Blackport Harbour Administration
Metropolitan Police
Metropolitan Kadiya
Fire Department
Public Transport

The other branches of the city administration equal those of a Supervisory Board (see below) with district administration entities at the Mayor/Tribe level.

District Administration

The growing number of administrative duties which have to be fulfilled near to the public in a decentralized manner lead to the development of a district administration, taking pattern from the dislocation of the Royal Constabulary. The authorities are led by experienced senior civil servants.

The detailed organization is shown in the following table:

(President Of The Supervisory Board)
(District Director)
established at the seat of the Emirs, parallel to the Constabulary battalions (Al'Jumu-Ria emirates)/ Constabulary regiments (Hochland emirates) whith which they co-operate established at, and co-operating with, the Constabulary company posts
Chief Physician with
  • Central Hospital
District Physician
(supervising the physicians working at the Tribe / settlement level) with
  • Policlinic
Chief Veterinarian District Veterinarian
Post Inspector Post Office
Mapping Inspector Survey, Mapping and Cadastral Office
Chief School Inspector District School Inspector
(supervising the schools at the Tribe / settlement level)
Administrative Office with
  • Personnel office
  • Budget/Finance office
  • Motor pool
  • Helicopter or small plane
Administrative Office with
  • Personnel office
  • Budget/Finance office
  • Motor pool
  • Visitors' Quarters
    (open for travelling officials as well as for tourists)

All services to the public, in particular schools and medical treatment, are free of duties or costs.

The Fenizic Administration is computerized by