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JDV 3/3
Catalogue of
Armed Forces Regulations

The text of some of these regulations has been incorporated in this guide-book with kind permission of the Grand General Staff, Personnel Division, Training Branch.

Marine Duty Volumes

Regulations for the Royal Navy

MDV 3/1 (secret) Coastal Operations
MDV 3/2 Peacetime Coastal Operations
MDV 3/3 (secret) Naval Operations At The High Sea
MDV 3/4 (secret) Naval Air Operations
MDV 4/1 Harbour Operations
MDV 4/2 (secret) Resupply At Sea
MDV 5/1 Flag Etiquette
MDV 5/2 Ceremonial Salutes
MDV 6/1 (secret) Flag Signals (with training and examination programme on CD-ROM)
MDV 6/2 (secret) Communication
MDV 6/3 Royal Navy Flag Book
Hybrid Duty Volumes

Regulations for the land and air units (hence "hybrid") of the Royal Army

HDV 3/1 (secret) Border Operations
HDV 3/2 Border Control
HDV 3/3 Constabulary Operations
HDV 3/4 (secret) Constabulary Operations In War
HDV 3/5 (secret) Air Defence Operations
HDV 3/6 (secret) Close Air Support
HDV 3/7 Air Force Roundels Of Vexillium
HDV 3/8 Accommodation in Foreign Habitats - General (FH/G)
HDV 3/9 Accommodation in Foreign Habitats - Survival (FH/S)
HDV 3/10 Accommodation in Foreign Habitats - Polar (FH/P)
HDV 4/1 (secret) Strategic Air Transport
HDV 4/2 (secret) Logistic Operations
HDV 4/3 Special Mission Additional Equipment Guide - Polar (SMAEG-P)
HDV 4/4 Special Mission Additional Equipment Guide - Woodland (SMAEG-W)
HDV 4/5 Special Mission Additional Equipment Guide - Polar Aeronautical (SMAEG-PAIR)
HDV 6/1 (secret) Communication
Guards Duty Volumes GDV 1/1 Military Ceremonies
GDV 1/2 Officer Cadet Selection (OCS)
GDV 3/1 Ceremonial Drill
GDV 3/2 Flight Training
GDV 3/3 Airship Operations
GDV 3/4 (secret) Royal Court Security
GDV 5/1 Protocol Ceremonies
GDV 5/2 Military Music
Joint Duty Volumes

Regulations for all components of the Armed Forces Of Feniz

JDV 1/1 Armed Forces of Feniz Ranks And Rank Insignia
JDV 1/2 Dress Regulations
JDV 2/1 (secret) Intelligence Targets
JDV 2/2 (secret) Intelligence Reporting
JDV 2/3 (secret) Military Security
JDV 3/1 Terms and Rules of Military Organization
JDV 3/2 Expeditionary Operations
JDV 3/3 Catalogue of Armed Forces Regulations
JDV 4/1 Armament Procedures
JDV 5/1 Religious Services
JDV 7/1 Geographic Service
JDV 7/2 (secret) Geographic Procedures
JDV 7/3 (secret) Catalogue of Geo-Information
JDV 7/4 Exploitation of Geo-Information
JDV 7/5 (provisional) Military Map Database Users' Handbook
Notes: The first number of each designator indicates the subject the regulation belongs to:
  1. Personnel
  2. Security
  3. Training and Operations
  4. Logistics
  5. Civil/Military Co-operation
  6. Communication
  7. Mapping and Geography


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