Armed Forces of Feniz




The Armed Forces of Feniz consist of guards, navy, constabulary (incl. border guard) and army components, and central staff and services. Air force units form part of all components.

The troops comprise special forces for

  • strategic airlift and sealift,
  • sea landing,
  • air drop,
  • mountain warfare, and
  • conventionel armoured battle.

The Armed Forces of Feniz
will be limited to 90,000 soldiers
for all future.


I promise -
to keep peace
in my family and in my unit.

I pledge -
to stand up for peace
within the people and between the peoples.

I swear -
to battle against the foes of peace
with the weapon in my hand and sacrificing my life.

National Security Interests

The Fenizic exterior policy aims at peace and stability in the key regions of Vexillium as a basis for a system of free world trade which allows vex-wide unhindered trade of goods and services. Such a policy presupposes internal political stability and economical strength and wealth of the nation as well as of the single citizens.

All facts which preclude stability rate as risks. Among such instabilities are regional shifts of power because of unbalanced rearmament, civil wars and destruction of the environment on a large scale and thus the destruction of vital necessities possibly leading to migratory movements. International terrorism, corruption, drug trade and international criminality also are potentially destabilizing threats.

This vex-wide approach to a stable strategic environment and to the protection of the own territory and people is brought about by diplomacy, economic co-operation, international relief programmes, armament control, and nonproliferation. Furthermore, alliances, bilateral treaties, and coalitions are of special importance to the strategic considerations.

The threat to the national security interests determines the "if" and "how", but also the "how long" of a military engagement of Feniz. The vital interests, the vital questions of the state and nation come first, followed by other national interests and general humanitarian interests.

The Fenizic Armed Forces and their capabilities to project power and maintain influence are the core part of the catalogue of means to enforce our political interests. The main task of the armed forces is deterrence, made visible by a high degree of strategic mobility.

The Fenizic Armed Forces are capable to carry out operations on two different theatres (land/sea) at the same time and to operate within a coalition. The normal operation, if need arises, will be in a coalition, but if vital interests are endangered, the forces are ready to operate on their own.

[adapted from a real report of the German Military Representative in Washington, DC, Fall 2000, about the U.S. Forces]


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