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Environmental Activities
in the Sultanate of Feniz

Apart from the Vexillium Environmental Heritage Preserve Areas (VEHPAs) described below, activities are to be noted from the side of the Administration, by proclaiming Oceanic Spheres of Interest, and from the side of industry, by the establishment of a joint Fenizic / Estontetsan International Institute for the Research of Environment-Friendly Use of Petroleum (ENVIPET) inaugurated during the Sultan's visit to Estontetso in the second week of January 302, as well as support from the side of the religion.

VEHPA Idea & Network

Following an initiative of the Greater Burovian Realm at the Canhoto Conference on October 5, 301, the Sultanate of Feniz increased the number of its National Parks and transformed them to Vexillium Environmental Heritage Preserve Areas (VEHPAs) as part of a global system of nature preserves.

At the Canhoto Conference, the GBR Realmsminister of Environmental Issues FRIEDRICH STUCKENBATSCH defined the idea and aim of the VEHPAs as follows:

"Being part of the VEHPA network will mean that these regions shall forever be preserved, and never be subject to economic or commercial development, drilling or mining, construction, deforestation, or similar depletion of natural resources and destruction of natural landscape, shall not be subject to weapons testing or military operations or installations, shall not be subject to the storage of waste or hazardous materials, shall not be subject to large-scale hunting, fishing, harvesting, or agricultural activity, shall be subject to only limited traffic flow into, over, and through the region, and shall enjoy special status to ensure their protection from possible adjacent influences that may affect their delicate ecosystems.

"This measure shall ensure that Vexillium will always be able to enjoy the treasures of untouched natural terrain, be it a pure snowy glacier, a glistening chain of islands, a pristine rain forest teaming with millions of species, or a fascinating and unique desert environment.

"... We encourage all nations to join us in our approach of sustainable development and environmental protection, where ever economically possible. Can we do more? Sure! We will continue to strive for new ways of protecting and indeed improving our environment, and we are hopeful to call you all our allies in that endeavour!

"We also renew our pledge to act as the environmental enforcers in the oceans of Vexilium within our declared spheres of interest, to keep a close vigil on all activities that may affect the oceanic ecosystems present...

"In that spirit, we hope that all nations of the world will also join us in developing their very own VEHPAs, and making our already international network of environmental heritage a planet-wide priority."

The Administration of Feniz and the Vexillium Environmental Heritage Council of Feniz fully concur and comply with this statement.

VEHPAs of Feniz

(1) Elephant National Park of Zebornia

co-administred by the RSPCE

A great habitat of a most endangered species

(2) Maritime Natural Reserve Area

Islands and maritime area forming a combined bird and fish sanctuary, accessible from the tourist resort island south of the Reserve on a strictly regulated basis

(3) Highlander Mountainous Park

A stunning landscape housing a variety of plants specialized to live in this mountainous environment

The administration and management of the VEHPAs of Feniz is executed by the Vexillium Environmental Heritage Council of Feniz.


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