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General Information


The Sultanate of Feniz was founded in March 300 under the name of Sultanate of Phoenicia as successor to the City State of Phoenicia by four men from the desert tribes who dethroned and exiled the king. They formed a new state made up of tribes, grouped in emirates.
In March 301, the danger looming from Hochlandia, the neighbour in the south who lay in anarchy, was overcome by annexing Hochlandia whose two duchies were made emirates.


Feniz is a member of the APWH, the headquarters of which it hosts, of the UNV and some other international bodies.
Feniz maintains a small army capable of out-of-area missions, and a peace corps, the Fenizic Relief Forces.


The main economic power in Feniz lays with Id'S-Oylof Feniz (OF), the national petroleum company. Most of the economy is self-organized in the Cahamber of Commerce.


News from Feniz is disseminated by two major media, the General Fenizic News Service (GFN), a news agency subject to censorship for the time being, and the Kyjovo Observer Online News (KOOL NEWS), independent and owned by ex-Hochlandia's biggest newspaper.

Name of the state:
Fenizic: Ir'Sultan Id-Feniz
Ingallish: Sultanate of Feniz
Frankisch: Sultanat Feniz
- short form: Feniz
- adjective: Fenizic
ISO Codes:
old:   PC   PXT  
new:   FZ   FNZ   (FEN used in int.
National Flag:
Foundation date: March 300 AP
Form of government: Constitutional and Electoral Monarchy
Number of inhabitants: 24 million
Languages: Fenizic
Frankisch (Jerman), Phenixian (Méritean), Estontetsan
and Ingallish understood
Capital: Fenizabad (1.2 million, rising)
Geographic position: East coast of Longerath on the equator,
Ulnovabad exclave across the Futuronian
Climate: From torrid to moderate
Geographic conditions: North mostly desert,
south mountains and prairies
Main product: Petroleum and derivates
Special: Protector of Fora Rifo


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