National Sports Committee of Feniz

All sportive activities in the Sultanate are co-ordinated by the National Sports Committee of Feniz under its President Dr. Sint'Seir-Goot. The preferred sports of the Sultanate are represented in this committee.

Member organizations:

  • Hochland-Fussball-Club

    • Feniz' only super-regional soccer club
      founded March 303
    • Member of the IVEFA
      since 305

    IVEFA referee applications from Feniz (of 6 Jun 305):

    1. Udo Remirov (strictness: 15 - strict)
    2. Franz Walsch (stictness: 20 - very strict)
    3. Kain Arnung (stictness: 1 - lax)

    Reserve: Alak'Bar-Moham (experienced abroad for over 15 years, well remembered for whistling the Prince Saleh Cup Quarter-Final Utani/Guwimith in St. Samuel on 13 Apr 306; strictness: 15 - strict - known not to be shy of showing a card or two)

  • The new 306 Fenizic National Soccer Team

The new 306 dresses for the Fenizic national team:





  The team:
  1. Maxstu'Tor-Nix (goal-keeper)
  2. Stephan Borkelmann
  3. Bernie Kurzrock
  4. Toni Untermeier
  5. Harry Ross
  6. Nico H. Dieter
  7. Gregor Prepodavatyel
  8. Olyeg "Dyedushka" Popov
  9. Andrey Maslo
  10. Victor Polkilo
  11. Ivan Gospodyin
  12. Sergey Dobro (reserve)
  13. Fyodor Plocho (reserve)
  14. Vladi Bolshoi (reserve)

The National Sports Committee of Feniz thanks the Administration of the Sultanate for its ongoing sponsorship!


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