Fenizic Relief Forces

People carrying their property in a rucksack are not the only ones to be helped by FRF but this logo is also a tribute to the flight of millions of Germans at the end of WWII

The mobile humanitarian aid organisation of the Sultanate of Feniz


Commander-in-Chief FRF

Commander, on-site Contingent FRF

Flag for general use
(at camps, on convoys, etc.)

The correspondingdesign for vehicles
Our hospital ship - a Utanian-built Caiman Class multi-purpose helicopter carrier with enough space to house a CosC FRF headquarter.
The ship was delivered by Utanian producer UMAC on 29th March 306, Feniz's 6th birthday. It seems to be the first ship of the vex not baptized on launch. After its arrival at Fenizabad, it was finally named and baptized "RAJA" (Kralian for "Paradise").

Mission, Concept and Status

The FRF have been established on 20th April, 301, by HRM Sultan I'D Doo-Itt and HE the Acting Secretary (now: Vizier) for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ir'Kuts-Ki Aga to whom they are subordinate.

The mission of the FRF is to support in all possible cases of desasters in Feniz and - if a foreign nation should ask for - also abroad.

The concept of the FRF has been developed from the humaitarian aid mission to the Utani region of Chiquiti which involved the medical company of the Intercontinental Intervention Command of the Armed Forces of Feniz and a team from the OF specialized in drilling for water. - The former company commander of the said medical company, Ich'Ver-Bind, has now been appointed Chief of Staff and Acting Commander of the FRF and promoted to Colonel (FRF).

When completed, the FRF will be manned, trained and equipped to conduct one short term/big scale or one long term/small scale mission at a time. For this latter purpose, the three Relief Regiments alternate with each other in such a way that one regiment is preparing for the mission, one regiment is on site, and one regiment is on leave to recover.

The FRF, as a matter of course, are non-combatant even if deployed to a theatre of war. Their ranks resemble those of the military. They never carry arms.

Table Of Honour - Missions Fulfilled

  Chiquiti Aid Mission Utania Jan - Dec 301


  Vizier of Foreign Affairs
(Foreign Minister)
  Commander-in-Chief (CinC) FRF
(ranking as ministerial department head)
    Chief of Staff  
      Studies & Operations Division  
      Chief Surgeon, Aeronaval Division  
      Imam & Chaplains Commission  
      Chief Engineer, Logistics Division  
      Geographic & Mapping Division  
          Reconnaissance & Surveying Unit  
          Cartographic Section  
          Geographic Analysis Section  
    Relief Regiment (3x)  
      Medical Group  
      Human Care Group  
      Engineer Group  
        Stuctural Engr Company  
        Underground Engr Company  
        Hydraulic Engr Company  
        Electrical Engr Company  
      Supply Group  
          Signal Company  
          Motor Pool Company  
          Kitchen Company  
          Camp Operations Company  
          Storage Company  
    Medical Evacuation Wing  
      Fixed-wing Squadron  
      Helicopter Squadron  
      Field Aircraft Maintenance Group  
    Hospital Ship  
    FRF Academy  
        Emergency Medicine Department  
        Epidemic Research Department  
        Psychological Department  
        Climatologic & Geographic Department  


Epaulet insignia
General (FRF)
(Commander-in-Chief FRF)
Colonel (FRF)
(regiment/wing/academy commander, ship captain, chief of staff)
Major (FRF)
(group commander, squadron leader)
Captain (FRF)
(company commander)
Lieutenant (FRF)
(platoon commander)
Sergeant (FRF)
(platoon commander)
Corporal (FRF)
(group leader)
Relief Corporal
(troop leader)
Relief Worker


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