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ANNEX I. Texts of Treaties and Unilateral Declarations

as officially published by the National Archives on behalf of the Foreign Department


  1. Claim for Territorial Waters resp. for Oceanic Sphere Of Interest (obsolete & actual versions)
    (read also the documentation compiled by the Fenizic UNV embassy on the past discussion of oceanic claims and the comparative table of actually existing oceanic claims, in preparation of an international convention)
  2. UNV membership / troop assignment
  3. D-E-F Treaty
  4. Weapons Limitation (obsolete & actual versions)
  5. Non-recognition of the Theocracy of Ordland
  6. The 1 + 2 Treaty (Transfer of Responsibility for Fora Rifo)
  7. Zartanian-Fenizic Agreement On Reciprocal Provision Of Military Bases (Agreement of Ulnovabad)
  8. Ulnovabad-Castronovia Non Aggression Pact (NAP)

Claim for Territorial Waters - Obsolete Version - 11 April 300
superseded by the following new declaration

Foreign Department

Salem Alejkum to the illustrious Vexillic Nations!

The Sultanate of Phoenicia claims its Territorial Waters to extend 180 nautical miles (= 333 km) from each point of the Phoenician coast, including islands, into the ocean. The seaward border against neighbouring states is a perpendicular line from the point where the land border reaches the coast.

A chart portraying the claim will be published later.

Within these Territorial Waters,

  • fishing or crosing with fishing craft is forbidden for all non-Phoenician seacraft,
  • crossing by other merchant ships except fishing craft is free,
  • friendly crossing by foreign naval force is subject to prior permission by the Forign Department,
  • flying is allowed subjct to the orders issued by the Royal Aviation Office.

Every violation will be pursued, infringing fishing craft captured, infringing aircraft or batleships fired upon.

At the time being, the Royal Zartanian Navy and Air Force are in charge of enforcing these rules.

Peace to Vexillium's Oceans!

Sheik G'Ensh-Er (manu proprio)
Secretary for Foreign Affairs


Claim for Territorial Waters - Obsolete Version - 13 April 300
superseded by the following new declaration

Department of Transport
Royal Hydrographic Office

Salem Alejkum to the illustrious Vexillic Nations!

Attached please find the chart portraying the Territorial Waters claimed for Phoenicia.

The available chart does most regrettably not show enough of the Futuronian Ocean to make it possible to portray the Territorial Waters in their whole extent. Therefore, only some bits of sea frontiers are shown (in blue). Thus, most of the oceanic area shown on the map is Phoenician water.

Peace to Vexillium's Oceans!

In'Der-See (manu proprio)
Director, R. H. O.


Claim for Territorial Waters - Obsolete Version - 08 June 300
superseded by the following new declaration

Department of Transport
Royal Hydrographic Office

Notice To Seamen

Reference: a. SULTANATE OF PHOENICIA, Foreign Dpt dated 11 Apr 00
                 b. SULTANATE OF PHOENICIA, Dpt of Transport, RHO                      dated 13 Apr 00

The Territorial Waters which according to ref. a. fall under the sovereignty of the Sultanate of Feniz are delimited by a line connecting the following points:

Coastal base point "N":  05° 23' N 15° 00' W
06° 12' N 12° 00' W
06° 00' N 11° 53' W
05° 00' N 10° 48' W
04° 00' N 09° 13' W
03° 00' N 08° 35' W
02° 00' N 08° 29' W
01° 00' N 08° 18' W
00° 00' N 08° 10' W
Coastal base point "S":  00° 00' N 11° 13' W

A cartographic representation is enclosed. It replaces the chart published at ref. b.

In'Der-See Aga
Director, Royal Hydrographic Office


Claim for Territorial Waters - Actual Version - 08 April 301

Department of Transport
Royal Hydrographic Office

To the Seafaring Nations of Vexillium

Salem Alejkum to the Nations of Vexillium!

Following the examples of prominent nations like Christiana and the GBR, Feniz declares and claims the following oceanic zoning (ref. attached chart):

(a) Territorial waters (TW) 12 nautical miles light blue
<c 1 pixel>
(b) Home waters (HW) 45 nm solid blue
<as given by the new official map>
(c) Sphere of interest waters (SW) lines equidistant to all neighbours incl. counter-coast (Estontetso, Ulanova, Phenixia) blue bordered area
    SW start at the point where the borderline with Estontetso meets the coast, reach out to 10° N 4° W (most northern point) - 6° 30' N 2° 30' W (most eastern point) and end where the borderline with Phenixia meets the coast.

The different rule applicable in TW and HW are still to be defined. For the time being, both zones are sovereign territory where the Royal Navy shall patrol to provide emergency and safety services together with the FSSSP, and to enforce the laws of the state.

Friendly crossing of TW and HW by foreign naval forces is subject to prior permission by the Foreign Department.



Claim for Territorial Waters - Actual Version - 08 April 301 - Page 2

Flying over TW and HW is subject to the rules and orders issued by the Royal Aviation Office and its branches which will be in accordance with international flight rules as soon as they are agreed.

The SW pertain to economic, regional, and ecologic interests, including fishery, offshore resource mining, rescue operations, and enforcement of environmental protection measures. In particular, fishing or crossing with fishing craft is forbidden for all non-Fenizic seacraft.

The Royal Navy will patrol the SW to provide emergency and safety services, in accordance with eventual provisions of law as laid down by the UNV.

Any lands that are discovered or shall arise in the SW shall belong to the state. Those lands shall immediately have the TW and HW territory assigned to them.

Regulations for the air traffic and aeronautical safety over SW will be installed, in accordance with international flight rules as soon as they are agreed.

This new definitions make obsolete and replaces the declaration on Territorial Waters as of 11 April 300 AP.

Peace to Vexillium's Oceans!

Capt. In'Der-See Aga
Director, Royal Hydrographic Office


UNV Membership - From the Secretary General of the United Nations of Vexillium (UNV) - Short notice - Extract - 02 June 00


As Phoenix Town was a UNV member, Feniz is as well because we haven't heard otherwise.



Assignment of troops - Extract - 16 June 00

To: Sheik G'Ensh-Er Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Sultinate of Feniz

From: Gary Evans, Secretary General, United Nations of Vexillium.

Thank you very much, Sheik, for your offer to supply troops to the UNV for UNV purposes. ...

... we would be very happy to have troops from the Sultinate of Feniz to assist in carrying out duties in collapsed nations or on peace keeping missions. Therefore, we accept your offer, and will deploy Feniz troops should the situation come up, and your government approve of the deployment of the troops.

With wishes of peace for Feniz and for Vexillium,

Gary Evans
GenSec, UNV.


D-E-F Treaty - 04 May 300 - Page 1

D-E-F Treaty

between the Federated States of Dascunya (desired signatory), the Federal Estontetsan Republic and the Sultanate of Feniz
with later accession of the Kingdom of Aethelnia

The Signatory Nations,

In order to establish good, simple, straightforward, honest and friendly relations to their neighbours,


1. to exchange diplomatic missions,

2. to conduct regular consultations about common affairs of (or in) the region,

3. not to change the existing borders between each other without full consent of all parties affected, including the determination by geodetic survey and demarcation of the Four-Lands Corner Three-Lands Corner (redactional change) on the equator at 15° W.

4. to renounce to any aggression against each other, whatever the reason may be,

5. on mutual defence and assistance in case of aggression from third parties,

6. to allow free trade,

7. to allow free friendly and peaceful crossing of the borders for all citizens or subjects of the signatories,

8. to conduct open and cooperative discussion of all problems arising from nomadism,

9. to establish a secretariate and to determine a flag if need arises.



D-E-F Treaty - 04 May 300 - Page 2

The Signatory Nations declare that

1. this treaty is not directed aginst any specific nation, notwithstanding the fact that the indistinct situation in Hochlandia the ungoverned territories of the region (redactional change) requires adequate attentiveness,

2. any nation desiring to join the treaty may do this after assent of all preceding signatories.

2nd October 300
For the Federal Estontetsan Republic: (signature)
For the Sultanate of Feniz: (signature)

16th December 301
For the Kingdom of Aethelnia: (signature)


Website Seal


Weapons Limitation - Obsolete version - 17 October 00
superseded by the following new declaration

Foreign Department

His Majesty Edward King of Christiana

and to All Honourable Nations of Vexillium

Salem Alejkum!

[...] the Armed Forces of Feniz will be limited to 70,000 for all future. [...]

Peace to Vexillium!

Sheik G'Ensh-Er
Secretary for Foreign Affairs


Weapons Limitation - Actual version - 14 March 01

Foreign Department

the Secretary of the Weapons Limitations Treaty
Utan Krysaror

Salem Alejkum to the Secretary and Member Nations of the WLT!

Due to the annexion of former Hochlandia, Feniz has calculated the future
requirements for its armed forces. [...]

The strength of the enlarged armed forces will never exceed 90,000 soldiers;
compared to the population of 24 million, and to the number of 70,000 for 7
million, the proportion of military will decrease despite the enlargement.

Peace to Vexillium!

Sheik G'Ensh-Er Pasha
Secretary for Foreign Affairs


Non-recognition of the Theocracy of Ordland - 09 February 01

Foreign Department

HE Ines Verdeira
Secretary to the Minister for External Relations
Kingdom of Ordland

Salem Alejkum to the Kingdom of Ordland!

It was with astonishment and bewilderment that the Sultanate of Feniz has received the message of the Kingdom of Ordland conceding independence to the Master's Army in the region of Copernicus, to be known as the Theocracy of Ordland, and releasing "General Luminous Sunshine" and other members of that terrorist community.

In the view of the Administration of Feniz, this move is clearly not in line with the objectives of anti-terrorist efforts, let alone the ATO. On the contrary: This concession and releases are an irresponsible and disgraceful genuflection before the terrorists which should have better been defeated by all military means.

Therefore and in order not to disturb the relations with the Kingdom of Ordland, the Sultanate of Feniz will not recognize the Theocracy of Ordland. The sovereignty, however, of the King of Ordland over the Copernicus region is out of question.

Peace to Ordland!

Sheikh G'Ensh-Er Pasha
Secretary for Foreign Affairs


The 1 + 2 Treaty - 27 February 01 - Page 1

The High Signatory States,

- intending to build the best possible future for Fora Rifo,

- wishing to preserve a deep and eternal friendship among their peoples and governments, and

- hoping to help preserve peace on Vexillium,

have agreed on the following treaty:

§ 1. Transfer of Responsibility for Fora Rifo

The Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites (hereinafter termed Ezo) transfers its responsibilities regarding the Autonomous Moun Republic of Fora Rifo (hereinafter termed Fora Rifo) to the Sultanate of Feniz (hereinafter termed Feniz).

§ 2. Guarantee of the Autonomy of Fora Rifo

Feniz will respect the autonomy of Fora Rifo by treating it like any other, foreign Nation. In relation to third parties, Feniz will act for Fora Rifo as if it were a part of Feniz. To make sure that Fora Rifo's interests are recognized, the ambassador of Fora Rifo to Feniz will be a member of the Divan of Feniz.

§ 3.


The 1 + 2 Treaty - 27 February 01 - Page 2

§ 3. Transitional Regulations

(1) The Ezo Mono will remain valid on Fora Rifo until its government decides on the future currency. The banknotes and coins of Ezo currently in circulation on Fora Rifo will be restituted to Ezo as soon as possible.

(2) Ezo will continue to provide the vital supply & traffic services. The future conditions of these services will be negotiated within three months.

(3) Ezo government and public offices working on Fora Rifo, like the post office, will remain in operation. They are required to report to the Fora Rifo government unless directed otherwise. Personnel of these offices may return to Ezo within three months.

Signed at Regurbo on February 27th, 301 AP

For the Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites
(King Carl / Regxo Karolo)

For the Autonomous Moun Republic of Fora Rifo
(Truto Acero Filo de Antirino Koregonkastelano)

For the Sultanate of Feniz


Agreement of Ulnovabad - 12 February 03 - Page 1

Zartanian-Fenizic Agreement On Reciprocal Provision Of Military Bases
(Agreement of Ulnovabad)

In the light of friendship and mutual support,
the High Undersigned Parties agree:

I. Following the purchase of an aircraft carrier at full price of 935 million Christianan Crown by the Sultanate, Feniz and Zartania offer to each other

(a) free use of roadstead and military quai facilities in ports and harbours

(b) free use of apron and hangar space on military air bases

(c) replenishment and R&R at cost price, incl. use of dry docks

(d) establishment of 1 navy and 1 air force logistics & liaison officer to manage replenishments and R&R with a maximum of 10 military personnel each - e.g.

  • 1 LtCol/Cdr as leader,
  • 1 Sgt/PO as assistant to the leader,
  • 1 Seaman/Airman as driver
  • 1 Maj/LtCdr as deputy,
  • 1 Sgt/PO as chief clerk,
  • 2 Seamen/Airmen as clerks,
  • 1 Capt for logistics,
  • 1 MSgt/CPO as logistics assistant,

II. Feniz offers (a - c) subject to prior case-to-case diplomatic clearance which will be given if Zartania is not at war or in war-like conditions.



Agreement of Ulnovabad - 12 February 03 - Page 2

III. Zartania accepts this reciprocity agreement with the following reservations, willing to abide by similar restrictions placed upon them by the Fenizic government:

(1) Certain naval bases will be off limits to Fenizic warships due to the sensitive nature of operations at those bases. The IZN may as well impose restrictions on the number and type of warships allowed in port at any one time.

(2) Fenizic aircraft will not be allowed to land at air bases within a 50 mile radius of the capital.

Note: This is in keeping with the Foreign Overflight Restrictions Decree issued by HRM the King of Zartania in 302AP.

(3) Utilizing Zartanian airfields by strategic bombers requires a special authorization from HRM.

Note: Feniz does not operate strategic bombers for the time being.

(4) This reciprocity agreement will NOT include Fenizic use of Zartanian bases in North Dignania, which is still considered to be a war zone, and from which military operations (such as patrols) are still regularly conducted.

IV. Instances of visiting aircraft and warships will be seen as oppotunities to conduct joint exercises.

V. This agreement is in line with the requirements of the ANNV.

Ulnovabad, February 12th, 303AP

Sir Randall Young, K.K.  I'd Doo-Itt 
Greater Zartanian Empire Sultan of Feniz

NAP - 26 September 03 - Page 1

Ulnovabad-Castronovia Non Aggression Pact


  • the Sultanate of Feniz, and
  • the People's Republic of Castronovia
AIMING at a stabilization of relations and conditions in the region,

INTENDING to build and preserve an atmosphere of friendship,

HOPING for a peaceful companionship of all nations in the region,


Art. I

The High Signatory Parties mutually recognize the borders as depicted on the attached map.
These borders may only be changed by mutual agreement.

Art. II

The High Signatory Parties will harmonize their interests by way of bilateral consultation.
No military or economic power will be employed to enforce unilateral interests.

Art. III

The High Signatory Parties affirm that this agreement does not touch rights of Third parties.

Art. IV


NAP - 26 September 03 - Page 2

Art. IV

This agreement comes into effect when the High Signatory Parties have published it on their government websites by citation or by linking to a central location of publication, according to the planetary rule.

This agreement will not be terminated except when substituted by a equivalent agreement.

According to the planetary rule, however, it is no longer valid for and against a signatory party failing to maintain the required publication.

SIGNED at Ulnovabad on the 26th day of September in the year 303 After Plague:

<signature of Castronovian delegate> <signature of Fenizic delegate>

<signature of Ulnovabadish observer>
as witness

Jezen Declaration of Surrender - 04 Jul 304

The Republic of Jezen is sad about the damages and injuries suffered by the people of Mokra, and the military of Feniz, through Jezen troops, and promises compensation. Jezen promises to respect the common border.

Jezen in turn asks for military support against the threats emerging from the rebellious Republic of Roselan.

Additionally and according to the proposal of Feniz*), Jezen looks forward to an intensified trade across the Fenizic border.

John R.Ewing, Prime Minister

*) political and economic support, including restitution of the stagnating cross-border trade

Terrablanca Border Treaty - 01 Jan 305

The full text is not yet released for publication.


Terrablanca asks Feniz to supply oil and energy in exchange for open borders. Feniz will build a power line. Winter sport tourists can visit the world-famous ski resorts of Valgaun-3000, Montanka-Weissmont and Hawadan, as well as the histroric places of the Reign of Fenia in the Rosenvalley.

To shield Terrablanca and the aims of this treaty from terrorist attacks, a Fenizic Constabulary unit will be deployed to reinforce the local police.

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