Royal Opera House Fenizabad

Royal Opera - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Stadt Theatre - Bul'Var Theatre

~ ~~ ~~ ~~ 201AP - 301AP ~~ ~~ ~~ ~

100 Years Royal Opera House Fenizabad

We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable evening!


RO Mondays 20.15 hrs: Aida X X short: X with the popular
flourish and march "Hail to the Sultan"
RO Tuesdays 20.15 hrs: The Abduction From The Seraglio X
RO Wednesdays 20.15 hrs: Nabucco X
ST Thursdays 20.15 hrs: God, His Friends And His No-Friends
BT Fridays 20.15 hrs: We visit Grandma
RPO Saturdays 22.00 hrs: TSOF - The Sound Of Fenizabad
The RPO featuring rock & pop of the Vex
ST Sundays 20.15 hrs: Hey, Somebody's Reading This
RPO State Holiday Matinée: Symphony "Jupiter" X
  Monthly every first Friday RCEM presents its latest achievements

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