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Hail to you, Feniz

Hymn of the Sultanate of Feniz

Hail to you, Feniz, my country
Rough but sunny: I love you!
Land of our beloved Fathers,
Wide and warm, a treasure true.
The United Tribes shall tend you
Hand and heart, protection due.
|: Hail to you, Feniz, I love you! :|

It should be noted that the phrase "United Tribes" is written in two ways, with small letters in the western and with capitals in the eastern Emirate.

The hymn is sung to two melodies, different between the western and the eastern Emirate (see enclosed CD). On State Ceremonies, both melodies have to be played.



by B'Ih-Uncah, the Erstwhile First Lady Of The Harem

Let us put white roses into the guns,
Let us forget we were enemies once;
Let us love and let's be friends,
'course only love can win peace in the end.

Poem On A Poem

The Making Of "Peaceful"

by an unknown scholar,
after words of B'Ih-Uncah the Erstwhile First Lady Of The Harem

Written in a lonely night, thinking of old times of trouble
at the border fortified against Hochland - walls of marble -
where I had a sort of daydream which fell over me on that scene
where I saw before me people crossing this line very peaceful.

This place which is lonely now, will be known - soon - everywhere,
uttered with a voice so low, nobody believed me there.
After ten or thirteen years fell the border, folk with tears
left their prison, ran to freedom, as I had - in my mind - seen them.


I feel well

Lyrics by Oon'Bay-Woozt
Music taken from the Cruisanan composer
Neil Diamond's "What a beautiful noise"

I feel well in Feniz,
It's a beautiful land,
See the shore, see the sand,
Feel the soft and warm breeze.

Longerath, I love you,
Futuronian, too,
Snowy mountains, blue sea,
Longerath, I love thee.

On Vexillium here,
Where you live, all my dear-
Friends from far and from near,
Keep the friendship sincere!


Blue-White-Black-Yellow Our Flag

Music by Captain P'Ief-Ke, Corps Commander of the Music Corps of the Command of the High Seas, at that time aboard H. M. Frigate "Futuron"
Lyrics by Seaman Ix'Sing-Was, signalman on H. M. Frigate "Futuron"

Melody from the German march "Unsere Marine" (Our Navy), © by Richard Thiele

The original text from the times of the empire honours the black-white-red imperial flag.

I tried a raw English translation of the first verse.


Blue-white-black-yellow our flag,
The banner of Feniz.
We love our flag, we see her bag
While flowing in the breeze.

She always flies for our land
Just like a sentinel.
In times of need in our hand
You'll see the flag borne well.


We love to see her billow out
And bulge up in the sky -
Then we are of her so proud:
Blue-white-black and yellow, fly!



Blue-white-black-yellow our flag,
She flies for our land.
When we depart, when we come back,
We stroke her with our hand.

Companion in our journeys' hell,
Reminder of our home,
We're happy when we see her swell,
Above us form a dome.



Blue-white-black-yellow our flag,
The prettiest we know,
If she was hoisted as a rag
The other flags still bow.

Vexillium is full of them,
Of colours full the globe,
And yet they only form the hem
Of our banner's robe.


This marching-song was written in January 301 while Frigate "Futuron" escorted H. R. M. the Sultan on board the Royal Yacht "Freedom Of The High Seas" on his trip around the world 300/301.


In The Desert


Melody: X


In the desert we lived for centuries
with the nature in harmony.
Belief and freedom are the centrepiece
o'our tradition and philosophy.

We will defend our lifestyle
   against enemies
and preserve it in eternity.
We will all live free,
happy we will be,
in peace and dignity.

To the peoples that live around us
   and in peace
we extend in friendship our hands.
To the nations that live on the planet
we wish humid and fertile lands.

On Vexillium we are in need
of a living without greed,
We all want t'live free,
live happily,
calm and in dignity.
Moun is watching us,
Moun is guarding us,
Moun is helping us from a distance.


In the mountains we lived
   for centuries,
secluded from the world,
caring for one another unanimously
without caring for the rest
   of the world.

On Vexillium though,
   we need friendship
deep and true like our valleys.
And we will live free,
happy friends we will be,
in peace and dignity.

We will all live free,
happy we will be,
in peace and dignity.
And Cruis is watching us,
Cruis is guarding us,
Cruis is helping us from a distance.
Oh, Moun is watching us,
Moun is guarding us,
Moun is helping us from a distance.



Flourish and Triumphant March
from "Aida"

Melody: X

Hail to the Sultan, hail, three times hail!
He united the land, he united the peoples,
He created our Feniz.

Melody: X (short): X

He is the mildest, he is the wisest, he is the greatest
   of all monárchs.
We love our Sultán, we adore our Sultán, we shall follow him,
   he leads us the way
To the wealth, to the luck, to the future.

We love our Sultán, we adore our Sultán, we shall follow him,
   to where he may lead us,
lead us, follow him, to the luck.

He's the most valiant, the most radiant, the most famous
   of all monárchs.
We love our Sultán, we adore our Sultán, we shall follow him,
   he leads us the way
To the wealth, to the luck, till the end.


Prayer for the Fallen, and for Peace

from the Kyjovo War Musem (author unknown)

We bow our heads
before every soldier fallen in the duty of honour
imposed onto him by his legal government.

We appreciate the duty done
and if any one deed of any one of these brave men
may have to be blamed
this blame be imposed onto his government.

We deplore every soldier's life given in any war
unnecessarily as wars are.

May future generations learn this
and may our childrens' children once ask:
«What is that, a war?»

Let us pray
for the lives of all fallen soldiers
and for eternal peace on Vexillium.


Appendix: A song from Neoliliana X Listen to the spoken text!

The Lighthouse Keeper
Anonymous (c. 3 AP)

No ships come to Solace anymore.
No long sloops grace our docks today
Their white sails flash somewhere else
No gay children pointing to their wares
Laughing and begging father for more
No children anywhere anymore

God has cursed our vain pride
And cast down the azure
Never again to fly
Never again...

But in the black breaking
Prince and thief die alike
Side by side they lay
Buried in unmarked graves

Yet still I know as long as one man stands
True blood Lelane; this nation fair will hold!
And every ship come sailing in
Be met; and warmed with brotherhood
Though pirates sunk and raiders spurned
Our banner shall not fall so long as hands can grasp

But still
No ships come to Solace anymore.



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