The Serail
- the court of the Sultan -

The Sultan's Royal Standard No harm meant! My apologies to Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa!
of His Royal Majesty
the Sultan
His Royal Majesty
Sultan I'D Doo-Itt
of Feniz
of Her Royal Majesty
The First Lady Of The Harem
Her Royal Majesty
The First Lady Of The Harem
It's still Bianca (photo of summer 2000)

See paintings
of the Elder Sultan W'Infri-Ed
and the Erstwhile First Lady Of The Harem B'Ih-Uncah

See a record of the Sultans' tours of the Vexillium

Ir'Sheikh Id-Serail
(Marshal Of The Royal Court)

  • Major Domo
    • Hunter in Ordinary
    • Body Guards Platoon
    • Driver in Ordinary
    • Master Of The Teas
    • Cook in Ordinary
  • Chancellor and Privy Councillor
    • Chancellery and Privy Secretariate
    • Organization Branch
    • Personell Branch
    • Justitiary
  • Herald and Media Councillor
  • Treasurer
    • Treasury
    • Palace Administration
  • Court Physician in Ordinary
    • Medical Branch
    • Physiotherapeutical Branch

Attached Members of the Serail:

(not under the jurisdiction of the Sheikh'Id-Serail)

Sponsored by the Serail and by the Vizakhra of Culture:

Royal Research & Performance Center for
Electronic & Programmed Music (RCEM)

His Royal Majesty definitely prefers

strada State Cars
from the Kingdom of Altland
which are manufactured
on special order only.

The Royal Banner Bearer

The Royal Banner Bearer has been appointed to:

He relies on the co-operation with:

Emir Dr I'Foundpat-Role University,
Vexillological Institute
Fenizic Vexillological Society

The Royal Palace or Serail

[tech: Grand Retreat/Tattoo of the Bundeswehr in Potsdam near Berlin]
Sultan's Birthday Parade in front of the palace
(6 Nov 300)

The base floor contains the following main and state rooms:

2 Dining Hall
3 Sleeping Room
4 Small Dining Room
5 Harem
6 Library, Cabinet &
Divan Hall
7 Reception Hall
Guards Chamber
9 State Room (office of H.R.M.)
10 Chancellery and Privy Secretariate
11 Messengers Chamber

The Hall and the Rooms 2 and 6 - 9 are open to the public on a regular basis.

The upper floor is occupied by the Royal Household Office:

1 Ir'Sheikh Id-Serail (Marshal Of The Royal Court)
2 Major Domo
3 Chancellor and Privy Councillor
4 Organization Branch
5 Personell Branch
6 Justitiary
Royal Banner Bearer
8 Chancellery of
9 Protocol Branch
10 Herald and Media Councillor
11 - 12 Language Service
13 Palace Administration
14 Treasury
15 Treasurer
16 - 18 Physiotherapeutical Branch
19 - 21 Medical Branch
22 Court Physician in Ordinary


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