Fenizic Orders

The following order of the Sultanate has been founded first:

The Most Noble Order Of The Sword And Sabre

See a sketch of the insignia from Sultan W'Infri-Ed's own hand:

The ribbon is blue-white-black. The jewels are gold. Insignia of lower ranks form part of the insignia of higher ranks.

Ranks, insignia, connected titles and main addressees:

  1. Collane with Jewel of the lower rank
    (mainly pertains to ordinary citizens)

  2. (Collane +) Star

    (mainly pertains to nobility)

  3. (Collane + Star +) Shoulder Ribbon with Jewel of the upper rank
    (mainly pertains to heads of state)

Until now, the order has been awarded:

  1. (IIIrd rank) honorarily to Sultan W'Infri-Ed as founder and first Grand Master

  2. (Ist rank) to the Zartanian and the Christianan pilot for bringing their respective aircraft safely to the ground after a collision between the Zartanian training plane and the Christianan training airship

  3. (IIIrd rank) to the Heads of State of the countries visited by the Sultan during his trip around Vexillium 300/301 (Christiana, St. Kilda, Lendosa, Caboteniasa, Allacoa, Extremo, Brolecia, Lamb's Cove, Ezo, Zartania, Whitlam, Utania, Altland)

  4. (IInd rank) to Flag Captain Jennifer du Malion, Commander, Task Force RAPTOR which backed up the Zartanian corps of military advisors during the formation of the Armed Forces of Feniz, for her dedication and loyalty (2 Jan 01)

  5. (IIIrd rank) to Sultan I'D Do-Itt as Grand Master

  6. (IIIrd rank) to the Heads of State of the countries visited by the Sultan during his trip around Vexillium 301/302 (Phenixia, Aethelnia, Trinia, Estontetso, Draconia, Somery, Ansonia, Albion Merite, Armatirion, UTFN,  Sempervirens, Ordland, Caledon, San Patricio, Eastern Delgamia, Solimar, Fora Rifo)

  7. (IIIrd rank) to the Heads of State of the countries visited by the Sultan during his trip around Vexillium 303 (Wesmerite, Ulanova, Rovens, Djeriga, TDCorp, Stervia, Listonia, Porto Capital, Gichadia, Leiputria, Vingarmark, Angliyaa)

and to many Fenizic individuals.

Order For Bravery

Founded 29 August 300 by the Divan

Knight IInd Class (silver)

Knight Ist Class (gold)

Commander (platinum/collane)

Medal For Wounded

Founded 29 August 300 by the Divan

After the 1st wound (white)

3rd wound (silver)

5th wound (platinum)

Orders received by the Sultan and by Fenizic Subjects

The Royal Gazette

Official Publication of His Altlandic Majesty's Government: 1 January 301

Royal Writ Publishing this Year's Honors List:

We, George II Victor, by the Grace of Grace King of Altland, Prince of the United Provinces of Disonda, Sovereign Lord of Port Marie, Regent and Protector of the Empire of Afrazure, Prince of Jergendol and the Havnkyst, Duke of Estgorth, Montemar, and Orlandia, etc.,etc., to All Whom These Presents may Reach: Be it known that it is our royal intention to bestow varioius titles, orders, medals, and other signs of honor as specified below at solemn ceremonies to be conducted in the Greete Saal of the Jergenpalas at our capital of Midlburgh on the Feast of the Epiphany at three o'clock in the afternoon.

    His Royal Majesty W'Infri-Ed, Sultan of Feniz                 

Sovereign Knight Grand Cross of the Most Noble Order of Jerg Augst

[There follows the continuation of the list, which includes the names of 78 other Altlandic subjects and 13 other foreign nationals from the Greater Burovian Realm, Whitlam, Christiana, Phenixia, and San Patricio.]

In pursuance whereof we have commanded our loyal Chancellors to prepare the customary documents and to procure for presentation upon that occasion the emblems and insignia proper to these ranks and honors as established by statute, decree, and immemorial custom.

In witness whereto we have hereunto affixed our hand and seal, this Twenty-Ninth Day of December in the Year of the New Era of the Vexillium Three Hundred.

Ezo honours Dr.-Engr. I'Foundpat-Role

(31 Dec 300) The Fora Rifo peace mediator Dr.-Engr. I'Foundpat-Role of Feniz has received today the Medal of the First Class of The Order of the White Eagle.

The King Karolo I wishes to congratulate Dr.-Engr. I'Foundpat-Role and thank him for his work in peace process.

Lysonian Sword Of Honour for the Sultan

The Lysonian Foreign Minister, Duke Se'La, on his state visit of 4 May 305, presented this jewelled Sword Of Honour to the Sultan with the words: "In a gesture of friendship we bring the gift of a Lysonian sword in sheath as a symbol of our offered friendship. The sword is sheathed to show that we mean no animosity toward Feniz or her citizens."


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