Ir'Divan Id-Feniz
(The Fenizic Council Of State)

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The Divan was founded on 29 August 300 in the wake of the Thistland War as a forum to discuss difficult political situations and to counsel the Sultan on his according decisions.

  The Sultan The Steward
Of The Divan
*) will participate in an advisory capacity when matters of foreign policy are to be discussed
The Kadiasker has appointed
the following personalities
as members of

The Divan

The Standard of the Divan...

... is not used as a personal standard of its members.

It is flown from the Sultan's palace, opposite to the Royal Standard, which in turn replaces the standard of the First Lady Of The Harem as long as the Divan is in session.

The Grand Vizier
The Vizier for
Foreign Affairs*)
The Caliph The President of Id’S-Oylof Feniz **) will participate in an advisory capacity when matters of national defence are to be discussed
The Emir of the Prall'Ist Anni-Esto Emirate The Emir of the I'Para Lass-Puki Emirate Analysis (by the Chief Editor of the General Fenizic News Service (GFN) Al'Yo-Shah:

Although political parties are generally unknown in Feniz, or at least in Al'Jumu-Ria, we can distinguish different wings in the Divan, namely:

  • the internationalists
    (Elder Sultan, OF president)
  • the seclusionists
  • the conciliationists
    (Grand Vizier)
  • the indifferent
    (Sultan, Ir'Kuts-Ki)
  • the uninterested
The Emir of the Ir'Mokra Id-Hochland Emirate The Emir of the Ir'Sukha Id-Hochland Emirate
The Emir Omda of Fenizabad The Emir Omda of the Autonomous Emirate of Ulnovabad
The Sheikh of the Ir'Fenis Myste-Gal Tribe The Sheikh of the Ze'Borna Ti-Esto Tribe
  The Elder Sultan W'Infri-Ed The Ambassador and High Representative of the Autonomous Moun Republic of Fora Rifo    

One of the first actions of the Divan has been to found two military decorations, an order for bravery and a medal for wounded.


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