Royal Yacht Club

Members fly the Royal Yacht Club Standard from the mast or gaff:

Flagship of the Royal Yacht Club is, of course, the yacht of HRM The Sultan,
the "Freedom Of The High Seas",
which belongs to the Royal Household and is operated by the Royal Naval Guards.

"Freedom Of The High Seas", the yacht of HRM The Sultan
The "Freedom Of The High Seas" cruising off the Fenizic coast
(flying -from left to right-
the Naval Ensign, the Royal Standard, the R. Y. C. Standard and the Naval Jack)

On lake Woethersee, where Max came from R. Y. C boats
participating in a regatta
in Westrian waters
On lake Woerthersee, where Max came from.

In 304, the R. Y. C. organized the
ENVIPET CUP Trans Futuronian Ocean Sailing Yacht Race.


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