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President of the National VexGames Committee

is the President of the National Sports Committee of Feniz, Dr. Sint'Seir-Goot. He usually accompanies the team as a manager and as the national representative (being the so-called "official").

The Teams:

The Winter VexGames team has been formed after the integration of Hochlandia as Feniz proper does not offer opportunities for winter sports. It participates from the Vexilliad 305 on.

The Medals:

Year Event/Place GOLD SILV. BRO.
300 ? ? ?
301 2 click to enlarge 1 click to enlarge 4 click to enlarge
305 - - 1 click to enlarge

We thank our sponsors

FeniCola, the official Liston 300 VexGames drink

Ich'Fleeg-Nax Feniz Airline
Ich'Fleeg-Nax Feniz was the Official Liston 300 VexGames Carrier


Official Site of the International VexGames Committee (IVC)

official mascot

The Liston 300 VexGames have been held in Brolecia from Tuesday, 2 July, to Saturday, 15 July 300. Obviously the IVC management made a mistake or the official entry of the Fenizic team (dated 07.06.300) has not reached the IVC because the official results say "FEN did not compete".

The 301 VexGames have been held in Lynne and Myo Beach, Lamb's Cove, from Friday, August 17 to Saturday, September 1, 301.

The IIIrd (305) Winter VexGames have been held in Santa Maria, Morania, from Saturday, February 12 to Monday, February 28, 305. It was the first time a Fenizic team participated in the Winter VexGames.

During the Opening Ceremony, Fenizic skiing ace Marie v. Reifnitz was prominently seen on TV carrying the Fenizic flag into the stadium. On the eightth day, Erwin Kroetenbein won a respected 5th place in men's short track speed skating over 10,000 meters. On the 14th day, the Fenizic ladies' team Karin Meunster, Hartfriede Olmeg, Brunhild Stoeszel and Kriemhild Rheinland won Feniz' only medal, bronze in wonem's curling.

Ich'Fleeg-Nax Feniz airline

Ich'Fleeg-Nax Feniz offered special flights
to Liston, Brolecia (via Imperial City, Zartania)

Time table: Daily from 30 June (first departure) to 15 July 300 (last arrival)
(and time difference)
Flight No Departure
F'abad Intl
(local time)
Flight No Departure abroad
(local time)
F'abad Intl
Type of aircraft
Liston, Brolecia (-11)
via Imperial City, Zartania (+5)
FF300 21.00 10.14 (next day)
Imperial City
07.35 (next day)
FF302 21.00 Liston
02.00 (next day)
Imperial C.
06.00 (next day) LAC- 4000


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