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University of Kyjovo

Member of Academia International
Luka, Utania

Department of
Social Sciences

Institute of International Politics

Former director: Prof. Dr. Kurt S. Schroedtnigg
(now Foreign Vizier)

Institute of National Economy

Former director: Prof. Dr. Volker Wirtshov
(now Fenizic representative at the Vexbank)

Central Institute of Journalism, Press and Media

Chair of Psychology in Press & Media
Chair of Technology in Press & Media

Department of

Institute of Cruisianism

Chair of Sbirna-Soliankism

Institute of Mounism

Institute of Philosophy

Institute of Natural Religions and Ancient Theologies

Department of

Institute of Military Sciences

(suspended for the time being)

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(co-funded by the Armed Forces of Feniz)

Institute of Nuclear Technologies

Chair of Nuclear Weapons Technologies

(suspended for the time being)

Chair of Nuclear Power Technologies

Department of

Institute of Lumattan Ethnology

<tech: "Slavism">

Institute of Gardlian and Fränkisch Ethnology

Institute of Hoch Ethnology


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