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The Emir Dr. I'Foundpat-Role University,

Member of Academia International
Luka, Utania

Bodies of Self-Government

Extended Senate

Grand Senate

Inner Senate

all departmental deans

all professors

... and students' delegates

Organization and Co-operation


at the same time

  • President of the Senate and

  • Chairman of the Senatorial Commission for the Engagement of Scientific Personnel

Office of the Rector  
State and University Library Stocks:

Historic Department

Institute for Fenizic History
(Prof. Dr. Aus'Derwus-Te)
Historical and anthropological sources:
Ethnologic Institute
Institute for Comparative Nomadology Co-operation with
  • Society for Studies of the Nomadic People
Archaeologic Institute Archaeological sites in Feniz:

Geographic Department

Cartographic and Geodetic Institute
(Prof. Dr. Mal'Mal-Karten, Secretary of the Geographic Society of Vexillium)
Co-operation partners:
Institute for Meteorology and Climatology Co-operation, sources:
Oceanographic Institute Co-operation partners:
Institute for Dunology  

Department of Arts

Institute for Architecture  
Institute for Graphic Art and Design  

Vexillological Institute
Co-operation partners:

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Philosophic Department

Institute for Fenizic Language and Literature Fields of work:
Institute for Theology Co-operation partner:

Department of Natural Sciences

Geological Institute  
Chemical Institute  
Physical Institute  

Juridic Department

Institute for Public Law and Administration  
Institute for International Law Co-operation partner:

Department of Technology

Institute for Mining Co-operation partner:
Institute for Space Technology and Applications The director of the institute is appointed as the Space Technologies Co-ordinator of the Fenizic Administration
Satellite Launch Registry (SLR) Ground Base "Odesiuky"
(a second base is on Fora Rifo)
Part of a vexwide network of ground based bases keeping a watchful eye on all the artificial objects orbiting Vexillium and reporting them to the Armatirion's SLR, sponsored by the Fenizic Administration, managed as a University installation.
Institute for Information Sciences Actual fields of work:
  • development of VNML (Vexilli-Net Markup Language)
  • digital version of this Guide Book (as CD-ROM or on-line on Vexilli.Net) in co-operation with Information Office and Tourist Office FENITOUR
  • development of FENSTER, the FENizisches STabiles Elektronen-Rechner operating system which is now being produced by RAOCISY.

Vexilli.Net links (international)

Institute for Construction Engineering  
Institute for Ship-building Co-operation partner:
Institute for Electric Engineering  
Hydrologic Institute Main field of work:
  • sea-water desalination

Fora Rifo Department

Polaris Ocean Research Institute
Oceanic Wave Dynamics Research Station
Cu'Molon-Imbus Polar Weather Observatory
Polaris Maritime Faunistic Institute
Medico-Climatologic Research Institute
Climato-Therapeutic Clinic
Abu-Tsaiss Astronomic Observatory
Satellite Launch Registry (SLR) Ground Base "Fora Rifo"

Honours forwarded by the Senate

9 Aug 300: Today, the Emir Dr. I'Foundpat-Role University at Fenizabad saw the inaugural session of the newly created senatorial bodies that will ensure the proper self-government of the university.
The session has been decorated by the performance of a classical ensemble.
One highlight was the award of a honorary doctorate to the First Minister of Neoliliana, Mrs Aya Warden in appreciation of her support of the Neoliliani cultural institutions, especially museums.
This support has had its side-effects on the efforts in exploring the Fenizic history and ethnology.
16 Feb 301: In a solemn ceremony, three deserving scientists were promoted Doctores honoris causa. Among them was the Director of the famous Alvare Institute, Lendosa, Mrs. Dr. Juliana Loreda.
Director Dr. Dr.h.c. Loreda replied in her address of thanks that she was very pleased and that she accepted the honour as being presented to the whole of her institute. She then made allusions to a possible future co-operation of her institute with the University of Fenizabad.


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