Fenizic Licence Plates

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The licence plates show the type or area of traffic for which a vehicle is licenced. For the time being, there are the following:

Area of Traffic Seal Licencing Requirements
Old Towns (T) narrow and short build
Paved Roads ( R) normal build
Off-road/Desert ( D strong build, good technical status
Interntional ( I ) excellent appearance and technical status

Vehicles without (T) licence are not allowed to enter old towns, without ( I ) licence they are not allowed to leave the country.

Furthermore, the licence plates are numbered in the following geographic (type G: emirate, tribal) or organisational (type O) regions:

Region Distinguishing Letter Region Type
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Prall'Ist Anni-Esto Emirate A G
Military (Beglerbeg, Armed Forces incl. Constabulary) B O
Religious authorities (Caliph/Imams, Cruisian Priestship, Cultist Superiors) C O
Diplomatic Corps D O
Ze'Borna Ti-Esto Tribe E G
Emirate and City of Fenizabad F G
Ir'Fenis Myste-Gal Tribe G G
Royal Household (except their Majesties) H O
HRM The Sultan I'D Doo-Itt and The First Lady Of The Harem Bir'Gitt-Ah I O
Foreign Journalists accredited by the Information Office J O
Kadiasker and Royal Supreme Court of Judicature K O
Ir'Hochland Id-Mokra Emirate M G
Id'S-Oylof Feniz (OF) and subsidiaries O O
I'Para Lass-Puki Emirate P G
HeadQuarters of international organisations (APWH, DEF; except diplomats) Q O
Fenizic Relief Forces R O
Ir'Hochland Id-Sukha Emirate S G
Public Transport (busses, taxis, cars for hire) T O
Autonomous Emirate and City of Ulnovabad (incl. local government) U G
Administration (Grand Vizier, Viziers, Vizakhras, District Administration except Military, Fenizic Relief Forces) V O
HRM The Elder Sultan W'Infri-Ed and The Erstwhile First Lady Of The Harem B'Ih-Uncah W O
Zartanian Military Logistics & Liaison Officers Z O
Remark: Emirates and Tribes each except District Administration which itself belongs to the Administration ("V")

Frontier-crossing vehicles have to carry an additional sign which denomitates Feniz as the country of origin. Ulnovabadians prefer a local variant instead of the official specimen which is tolerated by the Ulnovabad border guard. For reasons of simplification, vehicles will always show this additional sign.



Example for a complete licence plate for a private car from the I'Para Lass-Puki Emirate, licenced for paved-road and cross-boundary (international) traffic (but not for old towns and off-road):

 P (   )( R)
(   )( I )


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