Traffic Rules in Feniz

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General Rules

You need a valid foreign or Fenizic driving licence. Fraud violation of traffic rules leads to loss of driving licence.

I.e., the driving licence will be withdrawn when the driver willfully contravenes the traffic rules.

Driving too fast, e.g., is a willfull contravention because it needs pressing the accelerator.

In Feniz, you have to drive on the left-hand side of the streets and roads, as the practice dictates - despite the rules - in other countries.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

The general speed is limited as follows, if not indicated otherwise:

30 km/h in cities
40 km/h on soft-suface roads (like desert tracks) and off-road
70 km/h on hard-surface roads
100 km/h on multiple-lane highways / motorways / autobahns

Traffic Signs

The traffic signs used in Feniz are those usually used in every country, e.g.

Warning of vehicles at low speed:
Best parking space available:

In urban areas, you will find traffic lights with the following meaning:

Green light: Go My first self-made animation!
Flashing green light: Go faster
Yellow light: Go faster and sound the horn
Red light: Go until crossing traffic starts moving

Mind these special warning signs which you will find in Feniz only:

Drive on the left
(erected at ferry ports and border crossing points)
Beware of camel caravans (on desert roads)
Open fire prohibited, petroleum site or refinery nearby
or Make room for the Sultan


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