The Sultans' Tours of the Vexillium
A Great Tradition

The tours which lead HRM the Sultan and all his predecessors around the Vexillium globe nearly yearly are not only a famous pass-time of HRM but are also used to

Thus they provide best opportunities to deepen the diplomatic relations of Feniz in the spirit of a refined diplomacy, and for this reason, the Sultan is always accompanied by the Foreign Secretary/Vizier (Foreign Minister) and, except for the first tour, by other peers, politicians, businesmen, or journalists.

Despite the long absence of these two important persons, the usual communication with the Sultanate of Feniz will be not restricted thanks to the satcom system of the Armed Forces of Feniz.

Tour of 300/301

HRM travelled on board his Yacht "Freedom Of The High Seas". He was accompanied by the Secretary for Foreign Affairs on board frigate "Futuron" which escorted the Royal Yacht.

Start trip 15.11.00 at Fenizabad
Christiana 20.-27.11.00 visit the Rock of the Moon and Fileminhon Island
St. Kilda 02.-04.12.00 wine tasting
Lendosa 10.-12.12.00 visit the Alvare Institute
Caboteniasa 15.-17.12.00  
(Interrupt trip, fly back to Fenizabad to celebrate the beginning of the Fourth Century A. P. with the people of Feniz, on 14.01.01 fly to Kisqa to where the ships will have sailed in the meantime; thus at the same time avoid disturbing eventual Chruismas festivities)
Allacoa 15.-17.01.01  
Extremo 21.-23.01.01  
Brolecia 24.-26.01.01  
Lamb's Cove 02.-04.02.01 visit the Paxton Tire and Rubber airship factory
Ezo 21.-27.02.01 visit one typical island of each group (Elafites, Zufites, Fora Rifo)
Zartania 09.-12.03.01  
Whitlam 14.-16.03.01  
Utania 24.-27.03.01 during this stay, one day off to meet a personal friend in private
Altland 04.-06.04.01 visit the Strada car factory
Back home on     16.04.01  

Tour of 301/302

HRM Sultan I'D Doo-Itt travelled on board his aircraft operated by the Royal Air Guards Wing. He was accompanied by the President Of The Administrative Body and Acting Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Sheikh G'Ensh'er Pasha. The both will be accompanied by an economist and journalist equipe on board two airliners chartered from "Royal Fenizic".

"Longerath Month":
Phenixia 17.12.01 discuss foundation of a border survey commission
Aethelnia 24.12.01 discuss Aethelnia's signature to the D-E-F Treaty
Trinia 31.12.01  
Estontetso 07.01.02 prepare foundation of an environmental research institute
Draconia 14.01.02  

"Old Continent Month":
Somery 21.01.02
Ansonia 28.01.02
Albion Merite 04.02.02
Armatirion 11.02.02

"New Vexillium Month"
UTFN 18.02.02
Sempervirens 25.02.02
Ordland 04.03.02
Caledon 11.03.02
San Patricio 18.03.02
Eastern Delgamia 25.03.02
Solimar 01.04.02
AMR Fora Rifo 08.04.02
(Back home 15.04.02)

Tour of 303

HRM travelled by the Royal Air Travel Airship CENTENNIUM, accompanied by the Navy Airship WHALE which was provided for His Majesty's entourage and for safety reasons. HRM was accompanied by his Foreign Vizier (Foreign Minister) Dr. Kurt S. Schroedtnigg and by other peers, politicians, businesmen and journalists.

    Sa 09.08. 2100 Ulnovabad
- Old Vexillium -  
12h Su 10.08. 0900 Tu 12.08. 0900 Terra Extremis (Draconian Dep.)
6h Tu 12.08. 1500 Th 14.08. 1500 Wesmerite
18h Fr 15.08. 0900 Su 17.08. 1500 Ulanova
42h Tu 19.08. 0900 Th 21.08. 0900 Rovens
30h Fr 22.08. 1500 So 24.08. 0900 Disonda (Altlandic Dep.)

- New Vexillium -
60h Tu 26.08. 2100 Th 28.08. 0900 Djeriga
30h Fr 29.08. 1500 Su 31.08. 0900 TDCorp
9h Su 31.08. 1800 Tu 02.09. 2100 Afrazure (Altlandic Dep.)
12h We 03.09. 0900 Fr 05.09. 0900 Stervia
6h Fr 05.09. 1500 Su 07.09. 1500 Listonia
3h Su 07.09. 2100 Tu 09.09. 1200 Porto Capital
9h Tu 09.09. 2100 Th 11.09. 1200 Gichadia
30h Fr 12.09. 1800 Su 14.09. 1200 Leiputria
6h Su 14.09. 1800 Tu 16.09. 1800 Vingarmark
3h Tu 16.09. 2100 Th 18.09. 1800 Ras Lanarch Concession (St. Kildan Dep.)
42h Sa 20.09. 1200 Mo 22.09. 1200 North Cape (St. Kildan Dep.)
30h Tu 23.09. 1800 Fr 26.09. 1200 Nova Luxa (Ordlandic Dep.) - prolonged stay & visit of the casinos
- Old Vexillium -
78h Mo 29.09. 1800 We 01.10. 1200 Port Marie (Altlandic Dep.)
6h We 01.10. 1800 Fr 03.10. 0900 Dxanset (Leiputrian Dep.)
6h Fr 03.10. 1500 Su 05.10. 0900 Haddock Cove (Zartanian Dep.)
6h Su 05.10. 1500 Tu 07.10. 1800 Port Julian (Whitlamer Dep.)
15h We 08.10. 0900 Fr 10.10. 0900 Kunn Fedoron (Zartanian Dep.)
3h Fr 10.10. 1200 Su 12.10. 1200 Khor Island (Zartanian Dep.)
30h Mo 13.10. 1800 We 15.10. 0900 Zartanian Angliyaa (Zartanian Dep.)
12h We 15.10. 2100 Fr 17.10. 2100 Angliyaa, also visiting the northern province, Lazischyna, a former Hochlandian protectorate
18h Sa 18.10. 1200   back in Fenizabad

Planned Tour of 304

The tour envisaged for 304 will certainly touch Cimera, the members of the Greater Burovian Realm, and maybe Bowdani (and Bowdani Minor).

No decision has yet been met about the means of transportation and the entourage of HRM.



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