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General Principles

The Administration of the Sultanate of Feniz follows
some few principles set out in this document.

Welfare, prosperity and happiness of the people
are the leading goals of every administrative action.

The political representants of the people, the sheikhs,
emirs and the Sultan, are elected in a democratic way.

The politics of Feniz are directed by the Sultan,
discussed in the Divan, and co-ordinated by the
Grand Vizier who counsels and assists the Sultan
and executes his directions.

Statements by Portfolio


The foreign relations of the Sultanate of Feniz are
based on mutual respect. In the first line, they are
being established with nations sharing common interests
with the Sultanate like neighbours and trade partners.
The foreign policy aims at security of international
borders, adherance to international treaties, free and
secure traffic in international waters and airspaces, and
free trade with all nations, as well as support, in case
of need, by the Fenizic Relief Forces. The Sultanate
wants to participate in as many international
organisations and treaties as feasable, to-date having
established membership with or signature to UNV,
Valarium Pact, D-E-F Treaty, WLT, ATO, ITCV,
Vexbank, and APWH.
Feniz has declared its eternal neutrality which means
that no party in any war will be supported. In this
context, no obligation for military support will be signed.

The home politics tries to build a sufficient, modern
administration, providing free services of all kind to the
public, including free schooling of all levels and free
medical care. Political parties are accepted but will
not play a role in the political process. The freedom
of press is guaranteed as long as the security of the
state or of allied states is not affected.


While the state finances are collected mainly from the
public shares (royalties) in the oil production and to a
small extent from taxes and customs in the New Emirates,
new sources of wealth are to be opened in order to
reduce the dependency from a single economic sector.

Therefore, the economic processes not only of mining
but also of the manufacturing industry, trade, and
tourism, have to be developed and co-ordinated.
Nutrition and standard of living are being secured
by way of strategic trade agreements with reliable
international partners.

The trade, in turn, depends from traffic infrastructure.
The construction of roads through desert and mountain
regions constitutes a major challenge. Harbours and
ports as well as airports have to be developed. Feniz
maintains and supports a number of road transport
, airlines and shipping-companies. Together with
the neighbouring Kingdom of Aethelnia, we operate
a high-speed raillink through Longerath, the supreme
luxury Occidental Express.


The cultural aspect of the Fenizic politics comprises
the support of all things suitable for the elevation and
edifying of mankind. We therefore support arts of all
as well as the natural environment and sports.

Justice, as a basis for healthy and humane social
conditions, is being maintaind to international standards.

The military of Feniz is a subsidiary to the foreign as
well as to the inner policy. The expeditionary forces
are at the disposition of the UNV. The Royal
Constabulary serves inner security, acting as a border
guard, and as a police force outside the big cities with
their own metropolitan police.


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