This booklet is issued in the interest of informing you about the country you occupy. Nothing contained herein should be considered a relaxation of the Non-Fraternization Policy.

Keep faith with the Fenizic soldiers who have died to eliminate the X-Land warmakers.






  I. Your Job in X-Land
 II. On Guard!
      Keep Your Distance
      Keep Your Eyes Open
      Keep Your Guard Up
      What the X-Landers think of the Sultanate
      Marriage Facts
III. Background
      Glimpse of History
      Why You Are Fighting X-Land
IV. In Conclusion
 V. Annex
      Currency, Weights, and Measures
      Language Guide


Whether you fight your war in, or march in to occupy X-Land under armistice terms, you will be doing a soldier's job on the soil of the enemy.

The occupation of X-Land will give you your chance to build up a personal guarantee that as soon as you turn your back to go home, the X-Lander will not pick up his shooting irons and start throwing lead and lies at an unsuspecting world once more. One of the greatest challenges of the Peace to come is to make certain that the X-Lander people will take their place as law-abiding, useful citizens in the family of nations.

On X-Lander soil, you are expected to observe local laws and regulations except as modified or amended by your own military authority.

Local customs, especially those touching upon religion, are to be given consideration and respect.

Respect property fights. Vandalism is inexcusable.

Rifling of orchards and fields and unauthorized appropriation of food stores are contemptible and punishable by court martial.

Remember that conquered and occupied nations will be critically short of food. Depriving the people further will create great hardship and in the end will cause conditions that will make your own job a harder one.

It is always a strain on our supply lines to feed people of occupied countries. Don't strain it further.

Don't belittle or be critical of fighting qualities of their soldiers. By now you will have had a good opportunity to judge just how good a fighting man the enemy is. The point is, we don't like to kick people when they are down.

There must be no fraternization. This is absolute! Unless otherwise permitted by higher authority you will not visit in X-Lander homes or associate with X-Landers on terms of friendly intimacy, either in public or in private.

They must never be taken into your confidence.

This warning against fraternization doesn't mean that you are to act like a sourpuss or military automaton. Your aspect should not be harsh or forbidding. At home you had minor transactions with many people. You were courteous to them, but never discussed intimate affairs, told them secrets, or gave them the benefit of your confidence. Let that behaviour be your model now.

The X-Landers will be curious. They will be interested. Their interest will be aroused by observation. They will notice your superb equipment. They will notice your high pay (high compared to the standards of their own and other Longerath countries). They will observe your morale and the magnificent spirit of cooperation and mutual respect that exists in the Fenizic Armed Forces. And they will ask questions about Feniz and Fenizic life.

Within the limits of your instructions against fraternization and intimacy, you can by your conduct give them a glimpse of life in an aristocracy where no man is master of another, where the only limit of success is a man's own ability.

But don't argue. Don't try to convince them. If you can plant the seed of your pride of your country and its way of life, time and others will do the rest.

In the meantime your very presence on X-Lander soil will serve as a constant demonstration to the X-Land people, that the theory that sent them forth to bathe the world in blood, was just so much tragic nonsense. According to its own values, they should be occupying your home town instead of your occupying their soil. They didn't make their point.



You are in enemy country!

These people are not our allies or our friends.

They are bound by military terms.

However friendly and repentant, however sick of the warmaker party, the X-Landers have sinned against the laws of humanity and cannot come back into the civilized fold by merely sticking out their hands and saying- "I'm sorry."

It is up to the people to prove they deserve a place once more among respectable nations.

Don't forget that some time ago, a majority of the X-Land people voted the warmaker party into power.

The X-Land people had all read the party leader's book. They knew what the party leader meant to do to the minorities and the world. This book told them and a majority of them voted for the warmakers knowing this would give the warmaker party absolute control, with the leader as prime minister.

With the leader firmly entrenched in power the plan in his book began to come true - the bullying of races, the destruction of peaceful nations, the march toward world conquest. And this gangster racket was enthusiastically and energetically supported by the X-Lander people - as long as it seemed to succeed. Remember the record.

You are not in X-Land, however, to carry a chip on your shoulder or to brutalize the inhabitants. We are not like the warmakers.

But you are not there on a good will errand either.


Even after a surrender, or the signing of an armistice, keep your eyes open on X-Land soil. Be careful.

Don't take chances.

You are in unfriendly territory. Your life may be in more danger than it was during the battles. On the firing line you kept your eyes open and your wits about you every second. That is why you are alive today. You cannot afford to relax caution now.

During the war, X-Land kept 500,000 trained killers at home, a branch of the X-Land Secret Police.

With the defeat of X-Land what are left of these 500,000 will discard their uniforms and disappear into the anonymity of civilian clothes. Many thousands of other policemen and soldiers as well will do the same.

This will not make them less dangerous. It will make them more dangerous. It will enable them to strike in the dark.

Many will go "underground", and many will insist they were anti-warmaker and anti-leader all the time.

You must remain an alert soldier.

Protect yourself at all times.


You have already found out by the hard way that war is not a sport like football, or boxing, played under set rules and ending with the call of "Time!"

In prize-fighting, when the bell rings to end the round, only the careless fighter drops his bands. Even then, if his opponent reaches over, clips him one on the jaw and knocks him out, the victim can get justice and relief from the referee. When he wakes up, he will find that his treacherous foe has been disqualified.

The difference in war and the occupation that follows war is that the fellow who drops his guard and gets clipped, doesn't wake up.

X-Land hatred against Feniz has been concentrated by education, propaganda, and the accuracy of the Air Force bombardment. The X-Lander believes that had it not been for Fenizic intervention, this time his old dream of world conquest would have been realized.

So, keep your left out. Trust. no one but your own kind.

Be on your guard particularly against young X-Landers between the ages of 14 and 28.

Since the leader came to power, X-Land youth has been carefully and thoroughly educated for world conquest, killing, and treachery.

One of the things in which we take pride in Feniz is the spirit of sportsmanship, decency, and fair play instilled into our boys during their education.

Most young Fenizics hate a bully, despise a snitch, and have nothing but contempt far a double-crosser.

In school you learned from your teachers and from the other kids that it wasn't smart to pick on a little guy, or tell tales. When you played games you were taught to fight to the last whistle no matter how big the score against you: you learned not to cheat and that if you couldn't win fairly, then you took your licking like a man and shook bands with the man who beat you.

You learned that these rules were good ones to take into life with you when school was over, that you belonged to a community of free men with all the rights and privileges inherent in an aristocracy, that the loyalty you gave to your government was loyalty to a country governed by representatives of your own chosing.

You know that to be born free and equal meant that you were no better and no worse than anyone else but that you would have a decent chance to prove your abilities in fair competition.

Since years, the X-Land boy has been taught deliberately the exact opposite.

You have heard the quotation - "Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined." It means that every man is the product of his early education, during his impressionable years.

The young X-Lander, through his most impressionable years, has been taught that the strong are entitled to pick on and destroy the weak, that it is noble to squeal on a pal, or even snitch on a member of one's own family, that if you can win by cheating it's just as good as winning any other way, that a promise or word of honor given is to be kept only as long as it suits its purpose and can be broken at any time.

He has been taught to torture and stand torture. He has been told over and over again that he is a member of a master race and that all other peoples are his inferiors and designed to be his slaves.

He has learned to sacrifice everything, himself, his family, even his wife, for the leader and the warmaker party. Re has only one fanatical loyalty and that is to the leader. And it will make no difference whether the leader is alive or dead. The fanaticism to the leader’s ideal of master race conquest and rule will remain.

He will not change overnight when the Armistice is signed and the shooting stops. He won't be converted immediately in the towns and villages you occupy behind the lines as you advance into X-Land.

The X-Land youth is a nice looking chap, much like the average fellow you grew up with back home. You may ask yourself how a guy who looks pretty much like one of us could believe and do all the things we know he believed and did. The difference is inside him - in his character. For your own safety and the safety of your comrades never for an instant forget that he is the victim of the greatest educational crime in the history of the world.

From childhood, in all his schools, he has heard one teaching: that force, ruthlessness, and blind obedience to the leader will carry him and the X-Land people to a position of dominance over all other peoples of the Vexillium. By hearing this doctrine constantly repeated throughout his formative years, he has come firmly to believe in it.

Action according to such teaching, silly as it sounds, is a habit with X-Lander youth today. You must be prepared to recognize it.

Other Fenizic representatives, when the peace is made, will concern themselves with the cure for the X-Land disease - to destroy forever the X-Land physical power and will to attempt world conquest. Your own duty is to be aware of the facts and to protect yourself at all times.




Now that you are on foreign soil, you should know that marriage to a foreign girl is a complicated procedure. In any case, you cannot marry without the authorization of your commanding officer. Even with this permission, you would have difficulty getting your wife back to the Sultanate, since there are no provisions for transporting dependents during wartime, nor are there likely to be for a long time to come.







Let your attitude be:

Firm -

Fair -

Aloof -

and above all,

Aware of the things this booklet has tried to tell you, so that the honest mistakes of an older generation may not be repeated, and so that, to apply to legendary Sultan L'in-coln's words to the fallen men of our armed forces in this war, "These dead shall not have died in vain."




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