Royal Camel Race Club

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Camel racing is a typical sport of the desert. For the desert people, fast camels could be life-saving. Therefore, a good racing camel is a very expensive animal. So it becomes understandable that "running a camel" has become very popular with the nobility, while the crowd enjoys watching the races.

For the First Oran Camel Racing Cup in 306, the following camels (with their respective short and long race points) and jockeys have been nominated:

  1. Faster'Than-Sandstorm (5-5) under Heims'Ihn-Ein (from the Royal Stables)
  2. Renn'Nie (2-8) under Kurz'Bej-In
  3. Flinkie (7-3) under Im'Flug-Wind
  4. Lau'Vieh (4-6) under Al'Hin-Key
  5. Flitzie (9-1) under E'Lahm-Fusz

The first three have been accepted and will take part in the competition.

The results were depressing:


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