Department of Defence - Armed Forces of Feniz

- Preliminary Structure and Denominations -

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Aircraft of the Royal Air Travel Squadron - The Royal Yacht as Flagship of the Royal Yacht Club

Secretary for Defence

Zartanian advisors are currently supporting the Armed Forces. They will at first set about the task of laying the groundwork for the future deployment of Zartanian forces to your country. Lateron, the advisors, as well as dispatched diplomatic staff, will work out the final details of Zartanian military deployment as well as military contracts.

Central Services
(under direct command of the Secretary)

  • Fenizic Officers' Academy
  • Military Geoscientific Office
    • Military Geographic Institute
  • Military Hospital

(under operational command of the Sultan)

  • Royal Footguards Regiment
    • Royal Lifeguards Battalion
  • Royal Air Guards Wing
    • Ceremonial Fighter Escort Squadron
    • Royal Air Travel Squadron
    • Flight Training Squadron
    • Technical Battalion
    • Zart. Royal Engineers Company (to help excavating and rebuilding, clear and make operational the runways at the airports)

Admiralty (Royal Navy)

  • Chief of the Admiral Staff with 3 Zartanian advisors (2 naval, 1 naval air)
    • Intelligence Division
    • Operations Division
    • Logistics Division
  • Task Force Raptor (Flag Captain Jennifer du Malion, commanding HMIS Sub-Commander)
    The task force will remain under the direction of the Imperial Zartanian Navy.
    • guided missile cruiser HMIS Sub-Commander (GC-5)
    • destroyers HMIS Yuvan (D-12) and
    • HMIS Modena (D-18)
    • frigates HMIS Arctic Wolf (F-4) and
    • HMIS Bombardier (F-9). 
  • Command of the Coastal Defence
    • Helicopter Wing
      • Search and Rescue Helicopter Squadron
      • Technical Battalion
    • Mine Sweeper Squadron
  • Coastal Base Command
    • Logistics Regiment
    • Harbour Masteries

General Command (Royal Army)

  • Chief of the General Staff with 3 Zartanian advisors (2 army, 1 army air)
    • Training Division
    • Organizational Division
  • Royal Constabulary Command
    • Constabulary Regiment
      • Constabulary Battalions
        • Motor Company
        • Camel Squadron
        • Horse Squadron
        • Constabulary Base Company
      • Constabulary Logistics Battalion
    • Border Regiment (Royal Zartanian Infantry)
      • Border Battalions
        • Airborne Border Patrol Company
        • Helicopter Squadron
        • Base Company
      • Metropolitan Defence Battalion
      • Border Logistics Battalion
    • Training Regiment


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