Archaeological Sites In Feniz

The Temples Of Im'Naidra-Exmalta

In September 300, the crew of the Armed Forces border patrol airship VEXILLUM sighted a group of ruins on an island off the Fenizic coast called Im'Naidra-Exmalta. The archaeologists from the Emir Dr I'Foundpat-Role University, Fenizabad, were called to the scene and revealed to a surprised public the astonishing finding that these ruins once had been temples built some 5,000 years ago (5000 - 4500 BP) by settlers from Mystgallia (modern Cruisana), thus constituing the oldest stone buildings on Vexillium still standing erect.

Here are some pictures from the site which is now open to the public.

The main front from outside The room behind the entrance
Some internal aspects The proud airship above its treasure

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