The New Emirates
(former Hochlandia)

Recent History

On request from the formerly reigning dynasties of Hochlandia Mokra and Hochlandia Sukha, the Sultanate of Feniz has finally taken over the control over the territory of former Hochlandia.

This country has suffered from anarchy for a long time, and stray soldiers without pay as well as fleeing civilians seeking refuge from them formed a threat to the security of Feniz in the near past.

On 10 March 301, the two territories have been incorporated into the Sultanate of Feniz as Emirates under the current constitution. Experienced civil servants from Feniz having been appointed Directors of the Supervisory Boards while the formerly reigning Hetmen have been honoured with the title and office of Emirs. They will serve a term of office before the first elections according to the constitution will be carried out at the Tribe and Emirate level.


Names of the territories: Emirate of Mokra Emirate of Sukha
Emirate Flag:
Form of government: Integral part of the Sultanate of Feniz
Capital: Kyjovo Levyts'ki
Population: 17 million
Religion: mostly chruisian oriented ("Zbirna Solianka")
Military: Border troops, air defence and constabulary as in Feniz
Geographic position: Eastern Longerath on the equator
Climate: Sub tropical in valleys, moderate in mountains
Main product: The heavy industry of Mokra is almost completely destroyed by the last war. Some commercial fleet is being now built. The biggest pride of Sukha are the enriched Uranium ores deposits which supply our nation with a tremendous source of energy. The use for nuclear weapon systems and even the export is prohibited.

Provisional Map


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